What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear 4?

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What episode will Luffy make use of gear 4? Luffy utilizes gear 4 in episode 726, titled” Gear Fourth! The Phenomenal Boundman!” in one-piece manga anime.

Fluffy is the main character and is the primary protagonist in the Japanese manga known as One Piece.

What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear 4?

Luffy’s Gear 4th will appear in Episode 726 of DressRosa, In which Luffy names his character Bounce Man and at the end in Episode 732, Luffy beats Doflamingo by using a single punch as he promised to do so with Gyatts.

In the Whole Cake Island, He used Gear 4th to defeat one of big mom’s sweet generals.

And soon, we can see Luffy’s Gear 5th in the Wano Arc against Kaido the monster.

Gear 4th is already shown in DressRosa. Luffy refers to himself as “Bounce-Man” in Gear 4th.

With the historical context and anticipated length of the part, there is a chance Luffy’s Gearbox could move to 5th or 6th. It is possible to spot that Gear 5 on the Kaido arc, and the 6th Gear is fighting Blackbeard and Akainu.

What episode does Luffy Use Gear 4?

Most likely, Akainu( has revenge on him). In the tradition of animes, the primary character transforms when he’s emotionally triggered and engages in a battle against Akainu. It will be a rollercoaster of emotion for Luffy and his family, with a variety of episodes that show his feelings towards Ace and his feelings when being killed by Akainu, as well as the fury and transformation that ensues. Also, yeah. I’m anticipating an enormous transformation on the horizon.

What Episode Luffy Use Gear 4 For The First Time?

Luffy initially uses Gear Four in the series One Piece Episode 726, titled “Gear Fourth!” the Phenomenal Bondman!”. The episode begins when Luffy gets his feet off and turns to Gear Four.

Luffy’s body transformed into a huge torso adorned with tribal-like patterns in Busoshoku Haki. The appearance of the Boundman makes him bounce around in a trance-like manner, and he’s not capable of stopping.

what episode does luffy use gear 4
What episode does Luffy Use Gear 4? – Source Pixabay

Luffy smiles at the absurdity of Luffy’s latest appearance and doubts his abilities; Luffy hits him right after sending Luffy flying across the town, beneath the tower.

The fight continues, and the Shichibukai struggles to keep his balance amid Straw Hat and his brand new appearance.

How does Gear 4 Work?

Before cutting the forearm of his hands, Luffy covers his arm with Busoshoku Haki. Luffy blasts a huge quantity of air throughout his body, similar to how the body activates Gear 3.

However, this time the muscle is expanded before spreading the air within his body, keeping particular attention to the upper region of the body.

If Luffy does not stop when he’s hitting his arm, the arm will gradually shrink. If you’re using Gear Four, Luffy uses Busoshoku Haki, coating his arms, legs, and the bulk of his torso until it’s hardened, and then it transforms black.

The Haki layer that covers his body evokes the ends of flames that flicker, making the impression of tattoos.

Luffy’s height rises, and he can reach over 4 meters tall. When he is in this situation, Luffy emits steam continually like he does when using Gear Second.

When combined with Luffy’s body’s flexible structure and the compressed structure of his muscles, Gear Four creates a strong force to Luffy’s attacks.

Additionally, it gives him more defence capabilities. In a crisis situation, Luffy can alter Gear Fourth into various types.

What are the various versions of Gear 4? Luffy uses gear 4 in different ways. Each method focuses on different ways to do things.

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Episode 726: Short Summary: When Luffy Use Gear 4th

As the Birdcage gets closer to Dressrosa, Luffy activates Gear Fourth, which causes his torso to expand and causes him to bounce continuously. Doflamingo smiles at the new look; however, Luffy pulls his fist back into his arm and kicks him to the ground, hurling Luffy into the city below.

Luffy hits more powerful punches at Doflamingo amid the Shichibukai struggle to maintain an even footing. But, Luffy can alter the directions of his strikes and take Doflamingo’s punches.

The Origin & Powers Of Gear 4

In principle, Gear is not limited to only armour and weapons. It is more of a technique for fighting developed by a user to use his power in the best possible manner.

Gear 4 is one such method that Luffy needed to develop in a high-risk situation. Each Gear Luffy employs a different part from the Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit. For Luffy’s Fourth Gear fighting technique, Luffy utilized the power of elasticity and compression to make high-impact assaults.

This is why it also gave him speed and increased strength. In addition, by filling Luffy’s muscles, Luffy can also create high-intensity shock waves and other attacks that could fend off even the biggest of threats.

As the manga suggests, Silvers Rayleigh had also stated that this was an effective method of using the flexible body to make more powerful attacks. Then, when the major issue, when will Luffy Make Use of Gear 4, comes, let’s look into the story itself.

When Does Luffy Use Gear 4?

What episode does Luffy use gear 4? Gear 4 was first seen in One Piece Episode 726 (manga Chapter 783). The episode’s title was “Gear Fourth! A Phenomenal Bounceman!” As the title suggests, the Boundman version for the process. Doflamingo appeared to be the person facing Monkey D.

Luffy at the time. For certain, it could be one of the Dressrosa arcs from OP. Luffy filled his front with air in the fight, transforming his body into a bulging shape. After he was shocked, deflated, and angry, he swung with a punch that landed right on Doflamingo, which rewarded him with the stars.

In addition, two distinct types are part of Gear 4 that have come in the series up to now. It includes the Tankman and Snakeman versions. However, an identical shock attack is made in the first, with greater force.

But this Tankman attack cannot be sustained for more than a couple of minutes. Contrarily, the Snakeman Gear 4 attack consists of pushing up the upper body to create the appearance of a massive man. This means that Luffy will create the illusion that he’s the more powerful opponent.

Gear Fourth Technique:

Gear Fourth is a technique Luffy first utilized during his battle against Doflamingo Don Quixote. Luffy invented the technique as part of his training with Rusukaina.

How Luffy Activates Gear Fourth?

To activate Gear 4, Luffy coats his forearm with Busoshoku Haki before biting into his forearm. Like how Luffy is activating Gear Third, he blows huge amounts of air directly into the body; however, this time, he increases his muscle structure before spreading the air all over his body, with the focus being on his upper portion. If Luffy stops while blowing the arm, it will slowly fall.

When using Gear Fourth, Luffy makes the most of the Busoshoku Haki by coating his legs, arms, and most of his body until they turn black as they harden. The Haki covering his body is similar to thin ends of flames that give it the appearance of tattoos.

He also gets a darker shade around the inner and outside areas of the eyes. Luffy also grows physically by about four meters high. Similar to when he uses Gear Second, Luffy is constantly emitting steam from this shape.

In conjunction with Luffy’s rubbery body and the compressed structure of his muscles, Gear Fourth both adds the power of Luffy’s attacks. It gives him greater defensive capabilities beyond the capabilities he could show in the absence of Gear Second or Gear Third. In an emergency, Luffy can adapt Gear Fourth into various types.

Physical Strength in Gear 4

When Luffy uses Gear Fourth, his physique, strength, and speed have enhanced to the point that Luffy can take on the Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo and a top-ranking member of the crew of the Emperor Charlotte Katakuri. Previously, before that, Gear Second’s lack of strength and Gear Third’s inability to speed resulted in them being ineffective during the battle.

Contrary to previous versions, Gear Fourth focuses on compression rather than stretching, like the Bane Bane no Mi. He can compress his legs, arms and even his head. Although the compression gives Luffy’s movements a staggering speed and force, the attack range is greatly diminished.

For instance, the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka is an exercise that Luffy has demonstrated to master over various distances; however, because he needed to squeeze his fists to perform the Leo Bazooka, he needed to be in the direction of Doflamingo. As Doflamingo unveils its Devil Fruit Awakening, Luffy is annoyed by the difficulty of getting close enough to Doflamingo. Warlord of the Sea.

But he can perform long-range strikes by stretching out the area of his body he wishes to strike with while still keeping his power and speed because his body remains larger and is covered in Busoshoku Haki. Luffy is also believed to have dropped many of his sweeping techniques with this equipment, including Whip and Scythe because he relies on compression rather than stretching.

Power of Gomu No Gomu Mi’s Power in Gear 4:

Luffy showcases a more adaptable side to the Gomu Gomu no Mi’s powers by altering how he strikes during a strike by leaping from the air to strike a moving opponent with no loss of momentum. According to Kaidou, this kind of application is impossible because of the rubber’s nature.

According to Doflamingo, Luffy’s attacks’ strength is greatly amplified in this version. Luffy’s endurance is also increased even though he’s been hardened by Busoshoku Haki Luffy’s body is soft, and physical attacks (even ones enhanced by Busoshoku Haki) bounce off of Luffy, and can also be can be used as a counter-attack dependent on the type of form Luffy employs.

Gear 4 Limit:

Utilizing Gear Fourth has several negatives for Luffy. There’s a limit to the length of time he can keep Gear Fourth active, as stated by Luffy himself and Doflamingo.

After this point is exceeded, Gear Fourth automatically deactivates it, leaving Luffy exhausted and unable to move. He is also in a position to not use Haki for the next ten minutes following this method since it rapidly reduces the Haki reserves. In episode 726 we all saw the extent of Luffy gear 4 form.

The method also significantly strains Luffy’s endurance since doing the technique only once results in Luffy being physically exhausted following the event that he’s unable to stand or fight when he’s recovered the Haki or mobility.

Afterward, Gear Fourth leaves its marks on Luffy’s body. Similar to Gear Second, using Gear Fourth can cause Luffy’s metabolism to accelerate. After Luffy consumed a huge amount of food to get into a huge bloated mass during his battle in the ring with Charlotte Cracker, using Gear Fourth one time caused him to go through the huge amount of food he ate within a matter of hours.

In addition, it was the case that using Gear Fourth briefly for a second time one time rendered the person unconscious for three days.

Utilizing Gear Fourth also makes him more susceptible to falling asleep. Therefore, this “Gear” is completely used as a last resort if Gear Third and Second can’t impact their opponents. Because of these consequences, Luffy is left vulnerable when he exhausts Gear Fourth, particularly against strong opponents.

In reality, Luffy has yet to meet a legendary opponent who can be defeated using just one use of the power of Gear Fourth aside from the enemies that comprise The Beasts Pirates.

However, the disadvantages are beginning to diminish, particularly after eating food. After reversing his battle with Katakuri after his initial attempt to use Gear Fourth against him failed, Luffy could still run and escape from the Mirro-World by using Charlotte Brulee even after his Gear Fourth wore out.

He was fast enough to evade an attack of surprise from Amanda and could make use of his other abilities (though it was not possible to imbue these with Haki) and avoid an omnivore Big Mom.

Luffy’s Management of Gear 4

It’s also lessened after his instruction in Udon, beginning with Seastone cuffs, and then to training later from Hyogoro to develop his Busoshoku Haki further. At the beginning of the battle at Onigashima, Luffy used Gear Fourth to take down the Beast’s Pirates’ ship and did not appear to wear out following his return to a normal state. But, during the period, Luffy deactivated Gear Fourth independently before reaching the limit of time.

In the fight with Kaidou in the battle against Kaidou Big Mom on Onigashima, Luffy cannot remain on Gear Fourth for a certain period and is exhausted when he has reached his limit.

It is demonstrated that Luffy can change between at the very least two of his most well-known types.

In the anime, the lustre of the Busoshoku black parts and the Busoshoku tattoos are given an orange-red hue. This was later included in the manga and the Snakeman model as the Cover of Volume 89.

In the anime, too, Luffy seems to take the kabuki style and do some of them, including exaggerated head, rolling and even dragging out phrases. Luffy’s voice is also more raunchy and deeper.

Gear Fourth Form: Boundman (English: Bounce Man)

Luffy’s initial Gear the Fourth form is Boundman (Dan muNan Boundman? English versions Bounce-Man). Luffy this form first appear in episode 726 using gear 4. Luffy’s proportions get stretched, and his body gets significantly larger as his upper torso, arms and legs are covered in Busoshoku Haki. As a result, Luffy cannot sit on the ground in a straight line, and instead, he swoops and leaps over the ground. This design was devised to defeat the large and powerful creatures that roam Rusukaina.

Similar to Gear Second seems to draw on the concepts of Rokushiki. It is characterized by a high-speed movement similar to Soru and the capacity to leap up from the air similar to Geppo, which has been cleverly modified to better work with the body’s elasticity: Luffy not only bounds from the air but lets attacks bounce off his body. The body is also sturdy enough to defend itself against attacking directly.

After Boundman is thrown to the ground following the attack, Luffy can’t keep his foot on the ground due to its distorted proportions and bounces around like a ball in a hilarious fashion until he loses his momentum or regains his control and begins “flying” again.

While he may have some increased ability to resist cutting strikes with this form, if a person using an instrument with blades is equipped with Busoshoku Haki that is comparable to or even greater strength than Luffy’s, they’ll be able to slice through his arms coated without difficulty.

Similar to his close-intimation, blunt force attacks are not complete. If a person is armed with enough Haki and their strength, it’s possible to defeat Luffy’s rubbery defence exaggerated body and hurt Luffy.

Furthermore, the defence capabilities of this type can be defeated by a slash of strength.

When Luffy was battling Kaidou, The latter retaliated by kicking his Kanabo. Instead of jumping, Luffy was sent flying and suffocated with a single blow. Furthermore, the attacks on Luffy’s appearance were not powerful enough to hurt the person with a lot of strength, as evidenced by Kaidou, who was hit with an avalanche of devastating attacks from Luffy and was not frightened by the attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the article what episode does Luffy use gear 4:

1. Does Gear fourth shorten Luffy’s lifespan?

It’s true; however unreal it seems to us that Luffy will die at the end of the story. Gear Fourth takes a heavy toll on Luffy’s body.

2. What episode does Luffy use gear 4 for the second time?

What episode does Luffy use Gear 4? Luffy uses Gear fourth for the second time in Episode 870 (“A Fist of Divine Speed – Another Gear Fourth Application Activated!). Whereas Presently, Luffy has Gear Second through Fourth; however, there isn’t the first version. This is Luffy’s initial state since the Gomu Fruit gave him the inherent power. It wasn’t until episode 272 that Luffy revealed in his Gear Second during his combat against Blueno.

3. What episode does Luffy first go to Gear 4?

Luffy first employed his first Gear Four techniques in Chapter 784 (“Gear Fourth”) in the manga. Following that, they debuted during Episode 726 (“Gear Fourth! “The Phenomenal Boundman!”) of the anime series.

4. Does Luffy Master Gear 4?

Because of the powers of Gomu Gomu no Mi, Luffy has been able to master a variety of powers through gears throughout the years. His most powerful Gear has to be Gear 4, by which he’s defeated, such as Doflamingo, Cracker and even Charlotte Katakuri.

5. What is Luffy’s strongest Gear?

Gear Fourth is the strongest Gear of Luffy that he created during his time at Ruskaina, the island that has 48 seasons. Under the guidance of Rayleigh, Luffy managed to come up with a more powerful method, referred to as Gear Fourth.

6. What episode did Luffy get Haki?

In the anime, Luffy finally got to know Haki in Episode 517, which marked the end of Luffy’s education.

7. Is Snakeman Luffy’s strongest form?

Snakeman is among the most powerful versions of Luffy and was initially used to defeat Charlotte Katakuri of the Big Mom Pirates. This version that is part of Gear Fourth sees Luffy use his Armament Haki on his arms and legs, for the major part, to maintain his body as slim as is possible, thereby increasing the speed further and the primary goal.

8. How powerful is Gomu Gomu No Mi?

The main strength of the fruit demonstrated in the case of Luffy and Luffy lies in the fact that the user’s body can stretch and bounce, bend and inflate as if it were rubber, even if the person is not. Contrary to the majority of other Devil Fruits, the effects of Gomu Gomu no Mi is always in motion, which makes the user’s body always soft and rubbery.

9. How does Luffy learn Gear 4?

Luffy bites a Haki-covered arm to activate Gear Fourth to blast air through his body as he expands the muscles and bones, turning him into a huge balloon. Once the process is finished, Luffy can reconfigure his body by using Haki.

10. How did Luffy Get his scar?

Luffy got his scar for proving his strength using a knife. Luffy is easily identified through his signature straw hat. However, he also has something else that is noticeable in his marks. Luffy has two marks, one of which is a stitch under his left eye that was left to himself using the help of a knife to prove his strength before Shanks and his crew when he was a young child.


What episode does Luffy use Gear 4? Episode 726 has the following title: “Gear Fourth! It’s the Phenomenal Boundman!.” Luffy’s Gear 4th will be featured in Episode 726 of DressRosa, where Luffy names his character Bounceman and at the end of Episode 732.

In the Whole Cake Island, the guy used gear 4th to take on one of big mom’s sweet generals.

Soon we will see Luffy’s Gear 5th place at Wano Arc against Kaido the monster.

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