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What Episode Does Neji Die?

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What episode does Neji die? Hyuga Neji, one of the main characters of Naruto manga anime, dies in episode number 364, season 17 of Naruto Shippuden.  

Neji was a member of team 11 along with Rock Lee and Tenten under Guy Sensei’s leadership. Neji was a Jonin and one of the remarkable ninjas in the Hyuga Clan.

Full NameHyuga Neji
ClanHyuga Clan
Kekkai GenkaiByakugan
First Appearance Episode 21
Last AppearanceEpisode 364
Death EpisodeEpisode 364 Season 17

What Episode Does Neji Die?

Neji dies in episode number 364, titled “Tsunagareru Mono” (Japanese: 繋がれるもの) in Japanese. The Japanese version of the episode was aired on June 12, 2014, directed by Masaaki Kumagai and written by Shin Yoshida. Neji’s death occurred in 364 episodes saving Naruto and Hinata during the 4TH Ninja World War.

What Episode does Neji Die?

However, in the English dubbed version, in episode 364 titled “The Ties That Binds, ” Neji Dies” aired on December 12, 2021. 

Neji’s death was not a great move by Naruto Shippuden; however, they manage to show us the commitment of everyone to the dialogue we have been hearing since the first episode, “I’ll never let my comrade dies.” 


What episode does Neji Die? Neji dies in episode number 364 of season 17 of Naruto Shippuden, titled “The Ties That Binds.” It was chapter 

Episode 364: The Ties That Binds: Neji Death

As when the Allied Shinobi Forces are about to attack with Two Uchiha and are about to strike the Ten-Tails, The two utilize the beast’s power to blast all enemies away. Madara says that their plan to wipe out the brains of their adversaries is fundamental and utilizes the Ten-Tails to launch its Beast Balls that have tailed to hit seemingly innocuous targets. Shikaku is trying to communicate to Kakashi the plan for stopping the Ten-Tails.

what episode does neji die
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However, Ao observes the presence of a Tailed Beast Ball flying towards the headquarters. It leaves Shikaku and Inoichi to announce their final action to the entire force and say their goodbyes to Shikamaru Inoichi and Shikamaru Ino. 

In the aftermath of the Allied Headquarters being devastated, Madara declares that the Ten-Tails are becoming more difficult to manage. Being a Jinchuriki can give you more influence over the monster. However, it requires a human body to achieve success rather than just a revived corpse. 

Only Obito can use this method to completely bring back Madara, which is why Obito can perform an additional move. Desiring to demoralize Naruto, Obito unleashes several wood spikes against Shinobi, the Allied Shinobi, and inflicts a lot of deaths. 

Neji, Hinata Hiashi, and Hinata Hiashi try to shield Naruto from the attacks of the Ten-Tails. However, a targeted attack on Naruto makes Neji become a human shield, protecting both Naruto and Hinata. Neji suffers from his wounds after understanding why his father’s death was to defend his fellow soldiers. 

Obito is trying to convince Naruto that Neji’s demise and the deaths of many Allied Forces that his words and beliefs were not worth anything, which causes Kakashi’s anxiety more; however, Hinata hits Naruto back to the reality of his situation. 

Kurama favors Hinata’s statement, saying Neji’s sacrifice was similar to Minato or Kushina’s decision to defend Naruto shortly after birth. The fully charged A went into Tailed Beast Mode charged toward its target, the Ten-Tails, which caused it to consume the same Tailed Beast Ball. 

It successfully detonated and allowed the other characters to gain time. After recharged levels, Naruto enters back into his Cloak and offers Hinata his chakra of the fox.


What Episode Does Neji Die? Neji dies in episode number 3 of season 17 of Naruto Shippuden. It was total episode number 364, titled “The Ties That Binds.”

How did Neji Die? Neji Death Episode

Neji dies in episode 364, saving Hinata and Naruto when Obito showered wood kunai’s on the whole shinobi Alliance. It all happens like Obito goes berserk when Naruto tries to tell him he’ll never let any comrade dies. Obita showers wood kunai’s whole shinobi alliance. Naruto tries to save everyone instead of saving himself.

Hinata sees through byakugan that two Kunai will hit Naruto, so she runs toward Naruto and stands in front of him. Before the Kunai hits Naruto or Hinata, Neji jumps in front of the Kunai and saves both of them by sacrificing himself.

Neji’s last words were 

Lady Hinata was going to sacrifice herself for you. Hence you hold more than one life in your hand, as I have also become one of them now.”

After saying his Last word’s. Neji’s head seal breaks, giving him the freedom his father once talked about. 

Who was Hyuga Neji? 

Hyuga Neji was a member of the branch family in the Hyuga clan; their role was to protect the main family bloodline from enemies and other threats involving the extinction of the main family.

For many people Neji was just a mere sacrifice that turned the momentum of war. However except the episode neji die in, there are several others where he did many things to change the coarse of the Naruto manga Anime.

Neji’s father died protecting the main family leader father of Hyuga Hinata. His death affected Neji completely. 

Neji always thought or, more properly, we say we believed that you could not change your destiny. And that his destiny was to save Lady Hyuga Hinata of the main family only, and no one can change that. However, after the chunin exams, his mindset changed when he faced Naruto in a battle.

Naruto was a total failure, whereas Neji was a genius. Neji believed Naruto was a failure, and it Was his fate to be a failure; in his Opinion, Naruto should give up being a Ninja. 

However, in the chunin Exam, Naruto proved Neji wrong. He defeated Neji and told him to stop babbling about fate and destiny.

Since then, Neji started doing things that could change the Hyuga clan and give freedom to Branch Family.

Neji’s Death: My Opinion

In my opinion, it wasn’t a bad move at all, because if no one dies in the war, then it wasn’t a War. Neji was a genius, and I would have loved seeing him change branch Hyuga families’ destiny. 

Our hopes aside. Neji’s death affected the whole shinobi Alliance, which was more than that. The dialogue we heard from the first episode, “I’ll never let my comrade die,” was just a fancy line until episode 364. After Neji dies, Hinata tells Naruto it isn’t only you that save’s his comrade. All of us are willing to die for each other, just like big brother Neji.

And, at last, it was this moment that gave his death its true meaning. So, in my opinion, his death needed it.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the article what episode does Neji die:

1. Who killed Neji Hyuga in Naruto?

Neji dies – how did Neji Hyuga’s death occur during the Naruto series? Neji’s death took place in the fourth great Shinobi war arc. Neji was killed due to the ten tails that fired multiple projectiles of wood release (like spears), and the ten tails fell under the hands of Obito and Madara Uchiha.

2. What killed Neji?

The fan-favorite ninja decided to give his life for the sake of both Hinata and Naruto in Naruto’s battle in the Fourth Great Ninja War when A Ten-Tails attacked him at the back. Neji was fatally wounded when the ninja defended Hinata from debris designed to protect Naruto and Naruto, and both Ninjas became shocked by the incident.

3. In which season does Neji die?

In the course of its 500 episodes, many of the most beloved characters from Naruto Shippuden were killed in the effort to defend Naruto However, Neji’s death was the final one for Naruto’s crew. The tragedy occurred in episode 364 of the series, “Fourth Shinobi World War: Cliion “Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax” storyline.

4. who kills Deidara?

Deidara passed away in a suicide explosion as she tried to take out Sasuke. Kakashi killed Kakuzu after naruto made use of a wind-style Rasen shuriken.

5. Who killed Naruto?

The story in The Fourth Shinobi War, in Naruto #640-677, shows Obito Uchiha eliminating Naruto in separating Naruto and Kurama.

6. Why did Neji sacrifice himself?

In an interview, Naruto manga’s creator Masashi Kishimoto said Neji was supposed to die to act as an event that would draw Naruto along with Hinata closer. This is a reference to Episode 365 from Naruto Shippuden Anime, where after Neji’s sudden death, Naruto is devastated, and Hinata invites him to join her.

7. Does Neji get revived?

No Neji died long before naruto acquired sage chakra and also didn’t revive Guy. He kept Guy from dying, whereas Neji was dead. You cannot bring death back alive.

8. Is Neji alive in Boruto?

No, For all we know, Boruto could never meet Neji at his time. The fans will be aware that Neji was killed during the Fourth Great Ninja War in an attempt to save Naruto. Neji’s death was a powerful motivation for Naruto, who promised his friend’s sacrifice wouldn’t be for anything.


What episode does Neji die? Neji dies in episode 364 of season 17, titled “The ties that bind.” Neji got shot by two spear-shaped wood kunai thrown by ten tails on the command of Obito. 

When did Neji Die? Hyuga Neji is one of the main character of the Naruto Manga Anime, Who died saving Naruto and Hyuga Hinata from the wooden spear shaped large kunai.

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