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Waterfront District
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Blue World City Islamabad is a magnificent neighbourhood that balances peacefulness, richness, majesty, and adventure activities. The Waterfront district has premium residences with a tranquil environment and slashing amenities. The overall winner is the Water Front District, which is the centre of the Society and is located 2 to 4 kilometres from the gate of the Blue World City. 

Residents and visitors appreciate the fantastic restaurants and hotels in the waterfront region, which provide breathtaking views of Charleston Harbor and the nearby beaches. To experience the view firsthand, sign up for an underwater tour or cruise the 200-foot-long boardwalk.  

Neighbourhood along the water is the most OK location for various offshore and deepwater fisheries contracts. Catch seafood and create lasting memories. Go down the processional route to give you a relaxing day out on the water. While there, look for aquatic life in the fenland and stream. Living in Mount Pleasant is unlike anywhere else. While drinking your morning coffee on the pier with your feet in the water, you can watch the sunrise.  

Master Plan 

The plots in the Blue world city water front block are beautifully sized and has situated in a desirable area for residential development. The Waterfront District is a notion of an imaginary world where the sun rises on the water every morning to wake you up, and the speed and clarity of the dancing fountains at night create a breathtaking spectacle. The Waterfront Block in Blue World City reportedly sells homes measuring 6, 12, and 18 marlas. 

Developers and Owners 

Builders are steadfast in their efforts to create a space that satisfies investors’ needs for a comfortable living atmosphere and allows them to utilize high-end technologies. The creators also work together with a Chinese real estate company. Investors trust the developers’ superior work as a result. 

Map and Location 

The location of the Waterfront District is essential because it will allow the locals to enjoy the captivating views of the neighbouring water features. Moreover, the block is easily accessible to the primary hubs in twin cities. Direct access to the waterfront district is available from Chakri Junction and the M2 highway. 

Accessibility from twin cities 

The Waterfront district is accessible from several zones in twin cities that the, including the following 

  • Zero point 
  • Srinagar highway 
  • Kashmir highway 
  • International Airport Islamabad 
  • Capital Smart City 
  • Chakri interchange 

Features of Waterfront district 

The waterfront district is the most luxurious block of Water front blue world city. It has many beautiful features, which are as follows 

  • Water theme Park 
  • Food street 
  • Lake view hotels 
  • Mesmerizing scenery 
  • Global standard infrastructure 
  • Broad Walksides 
  • Fountains 
  • Water Sports Club 

Facilities in Waterfront District 

First, long-term benefits and success will accrue from investment initiatives in the Waterfront district. Numerous amenities are provided for the inhabitants by the block’s administrators. 

Provision of basic utilities 

The developers are employed to design the ideal setting and satisfy the housing project’s habitation requirements. The owners of the Waterfront district ensure that everyone can live comfortably for a long time for this schedule the consistent provision of electricity, water, and energy. The most significant factor may be the accessibility of these services. Living here will set a standard for a healthy lifestyle. 

Decent Payment Plan 

There are trustworthy homes available at fair prices. The zone also exists to safeguard the landowners and provide for their housing demands. The most laudable feature is that a financing plan would be available to simplify the purchasing process. As a result, future inhabitants will choose this project as their preferred housing alternative. 

Foolproof Safety 

The developer ensures that future inhabitants’ security should be foolproof. For this purpose, the management uses all the necessary tools and equipment for surveillance. In addition, there is an active police station in the Society for the security of the residents. Furthermore, there are security guards in the community everywhere to check the entry and exit points of the overall Society. 

Shopping Mall 

There is a big shopping mall in the Society with all the big brands and shops. The mall has a food court with much fast food and regular food eateries. Additionally, there is a play zone with different rides for children and adults. 

Water theme park and sports club 

There is a beautiful theme park with water slides, rides, swimming pools and many more amusement activities. In addition, the beautiful gardens and grounds are to improve the health and wellness of the residents. 


Everyone will have access to high-quality primary healthcare accessible thanks to the residences, especially in the Waterfront neighbourhood. And that will increase the probability that you’ll get top-notch hospital care and raise your standard of living. Hence, this district will be required to provide proper hospital care continuously. 

Academic Institutions 

The developers provide economic high-quality home improvement projects that will raise livelihood. Additionally, various colleges and universities will be accessible to aid in obtaining a higher education. So, funding is necessary to live a high-class existence. 


The waterfront district is the city’s most notable characteristic. Additionally, it is a fantastic opportunity to advertise tourism in the nation. The housing society’s top-notch facilities have already earned its fame. Investors conclude it is a trustworthy home plan for their own and the occupants’ socially responsible. The location is also a standout asset, adjacent to important sites like the LHR-ISB Motorway, Rawalpindi Circular Road, and Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, the monthly payment is there to assist the inhabitants in paying the entire amount at their own pace. 

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