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In order to answer the question “who is Luffy’s dad?” we must first know what the biological father of the two main protagonists is. In the series, Luffy’s biological grandfather was Monkey D. Garp. This man was a Vice-Admiral of the World Government’s Marines. He was the one who raised the two famous pirates, Luffy and Ace, and also helped to raise his younger brother, Portgas D. Ace.

Who Is Luffy’s Dad? Complete Analysis:

The story revolves around this question and its possible answers. The first possible answer is that Luffy is not the son of Dragon but, it’s just a theory he can be. This is revealed in the episode “Who is Luffy’s Dad?”, which aired on June 17, 2007.

The second option is that the father of the hero is also a Marine, but that’s just speculation. If it’s a man, then Dragon is probably not Luffy’s father.

Another possible candidate for Luffy’s father is his brother Zoro. Although Luffy is already close to Zoro as a brother, he trusts him more than anyone.

In the series, Luffy meets his father in Episode 314. This episode also introduces Monkey D. Dragon. While there’s no evidence that he’s Luffy’s father, there’s a strong possibility that Luffy’s father is a marine rear admiral.

There are many theories about the family of Luffy. The manga and anime are full of references to the great warriors and leaders of history. However, the family is vast and powerful, with ties to pirates, rebels, and military geniuses.

It’s not yet known how many people are related to Luffy, but there are a lot of theories and speculations. Just like the aforementioned theories, who is Luffy’s father?


Who is Luffy’s Dad? Luffy’s Dad is Son of Monkey D. Garp, Grandfather of Luffy and ace, who also raised both of them. So Luffy’s Father is Monkey D. Dragon, Although he is just biological father of him.

Monkey D. Dragon Is Luffy’s Father?

The answer is maybe or maybe not. Isn’t it confusing, Yes it is? In the series, it is still unknown who is his father or mother. There are many speculations and trusted theories that refer to Monkey D. Dragon as his father.

But Hey! It’s manga anime anything can happen. In Naruto Shippuden Naruto didn’t even try to find about his father, many speculated it to be Jiraiya, But it was found at last that the third Hokage’s son was Naruto.

As Monkey D. Dragon’s father, he’s also a member of the Revolutionary Army. Luffy thought he had no parents, but after meeting Monkey D. Garp, he learned that his father was Monkey D. Dragon. He also stopped Smoker from killing him.

However, Luffy didn’t ask his grandfather about his father, as he was too busy focusing on his son’s criminal activities.

What About Luffy’s Mother?

Although Luffy’s biological mother was never revealed, his paternal grandfather was his foster mother. This grandfather raised Luffy and his younger brother, Ace.

In addition to being Luffy’s foster mother, Curly Dadan also raised his paternal uncle, and is one of the patron saints of mountain bandits. Luffy’s paternal grandfather was an alcoholic, but he was never arrested or caught.

Why Dragon Can be Possibly His Father?

The Dragon is also a possible father for Luffy. Although Luffy never met his father, he’s a distant relative, but his son did. The Dragon is proud of his son’s misfortune and even saved him from Smoker.

However, the Dragon didn’t reveal himself to Luffy when the two were at Loguetown. The Dragon’s serious demeanor and refusal to discuss his personal life with Emporio Ivankov imply that he’s a shady character.

The dragon has high expectations of his son, and although he has never met Luffy, Dragon seems to be supportive of his son’s actions.

As a Yonko, Shanks was made Yonko six years before the current events. He has accumulated a bounty of 4.048 billion berries and his sons, Luffy and Ace, are his sons. Although the Dragon has been secretive about his own relationship with the two, he does support the actions of the latter.

The World Government hides the fact that pirates saved the island, and Luffy accepts the mysterious subordinate Nico Robin as an archeologist.

In addition, the villainous Crocodile tries to kill Luffy, but they fail. Luffy, however, saves the empress of the island and defeats two of her three generals. If the villains are able to stop Luffy, they will lose their kingdom.

While it is possible to assume that Garp and Luffy are cousins, the real father of the two is Dragon. The otakusm of the former is a common trait in many comics. Those who believe that he is Luffy’s dad are likely to be surprised to find out that he is the biological father of the latter. The Dragon’s ancestors are legendary, and if the truth was out, the story would be far different.

Luffy’s Dad is Trafalgar D. Instead Of Dragon?

The other possible candidate for the Luffy’s father is Trafalgar D. Water Law. This character shares the same initial as his cousin Monkey D. Luffy. Apparently, Trafalgar’s family is proud of this mysterious initial.

Their family comes to Luffy’s assistance in times of need, as well as following his Will. There’s a possibility that the dragon was Luffy’s father and has a mysterious connection to the Void Century.

Final Verdict

Who Is Luffy’s Dad? Luffy’s Dad is Monkey D. Dragon. It was speculated in episode number 314, that son of Monkey D. Garp can be his father.

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