When does Sasuke come back? Sasuke come back in episode 478 of Naruto Shippuden, titled “The Unison Saga”.

The question of “when does Sasuke come back” is a common one. His character’s main job is to protect the Ninja World and fight evil characters. He also takes on missions, such as collecting Intel on Foes. But, unlike Naruto, Sasuke never returns to the Hidden Leaf. Here is a brief analysis of what is happening between Sasuke and Naruto.

When Does Sasuke Come Back?

It was the second last season, Episode number 478 of Naruto Shippuden and the finale of Fourth Great Shinobi War. Sasuke loses his final battle with Naruto, accepts his defeat and decides to come back to village.

However he does decide to return to Konaha, But had to live a difficult life to atone his sins and to prevent war like scenarios in the future.

In Boruto it seems that Sasuke is the Shadow of Hokage who prevents the village from danger in darkness.

Nowadays, Sasuke is back in the village hidden in the Leaf, He is a proud citizen, A husband and a father. He still thinks about his brother Itachi, who he looks up to.

Not only that, Sasuke also makes up with Sakura, now they have a child named Sarada fighting like her parents with a dream to become the Hokage.


When Does Sasuke Come Back? Sasuke comes back to hidden leaf village in season 20 episode 478 of Naruto Shippuden titled as The unison Saga. The character’s first appearance in the Naruto series was in episode 341 of the anime, “Orochimaru’s Return.” In the episode, Sasuke carries Orochimaru. This episode takes place during the fourth arc, “Climax.”

Why Does Sasuke Leaves Village Hidden In Leaf?

Why Does Sasuke Leaves Village Hidden In Leaf

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Sasuke’s powers and abilities come from his training with the Orochimaru clan. He also gets his eyes and curse mark from his brother.

His innate power is a form of insanity. He later learns to use the Sharingan and Chidori, which he uses to defeat his enemies. His first encounter with Itachi took place in Konoha, where he was seeking out the elusive Naruto.

What Happens After Sasuke Return To The Village Hidden In the Leaf?

The question of when does Sasuke come back to his village is not fully answered. After returning back to the village, His crimes were pardoned by the Sixth Hokage, who sided with Sasuke against the Otsutsuki.

He left the village during his Chunin exams, and was lured by Orochimaru with the power to lure him back. The curse activated when Sasuke’s emotions got high, and Naruto was sent to rescue him.

After Naruto’s defeat of the Ten-Tails monster, Sasuke reunites with Team 7 and rejoins Team 7. This time, he goes back to his village to battle enemies.

He even fights against the mastermind of the Uchiha massacre. Despite this newfound friendship, his devious motivations and redemption are still apparent. Sasuke is back, but he’s not quite the same person he was before his defeat. Sasuke still has the same ambitions as before – revenge and redemption.

Sasuke’s sudden return to his village was a complicated process. His actions went against the plans of his master, Itachi. He wanted to bring down the Konoha clan. It was not until later that he returned to his village and became the Shadow Hokage.

However, he has never forgotten his brother, Itachi. And this makes his return to the village even more difficult and confusing.

How Long Sasuke Remains unseen In The Anime?

While the manga ends with the battle with Sasuke in the Valley of the End, the anime continues for over 100 episodes.

Throughout these 100 episodes, Sasuke remains a major character. Sasuke also appears in Shippuden. Despite the fact that his appearance in the manga is not a guarantee, he remains the main protagonist of the anime. So, when does Sasuke come back?

Does Sasuke Come Back In Boruto: Naruto next Generation

While the manga and anime have many endings, Sasuke’s reappearance in Boruto is the best one. In it, he appears alongside Naruto, Sakura, Yamato, and Tenzo. Naruto and Sasuke are all part of a small group of people that tries to catch him. The next paragraph will reveal spoiled content, so I suggest you read the manga and watch the anime for yourself.

Boruto is a series of anime that features the main characters from the Naruto universe. This series introduced anime fans to the world of animation. Naruto is a story of a young boy who grows up to become the head of Leaf Village. To do so, he must overcome many obstacles and defeat everyone that comes in his way to become the hokage.

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