When does Naruto learn Sage Mode? Naruto learns Sage Mode in Episode 154 of Naruto: Shippuden. This ability allows him to balance his natural energy with chakra.

However, it has a limited time limit, and it can be difficult to gather the energy while fighting. The following are the details about when Naruto learns Sage Mode. So, when does Naruto learn Sage Mode.

When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

It was episode 154 of Naruto Shippuden titled “Decryption.” Also Naruto learns sage mode just when Legendary Sannin Jiraiya leaves Hidden Leaf village for the investigation in Village Hidden in rain.

First, Naruto is trained by his master Fukasaku on Mount Myoboku. Fukasaku taught him the Senjutsu and Sage Mode. He was taught how to sense and control the Natural Energy around him. In addition, he perfected his Rasen Shuriken.

Then, he learned a new kata known as Toad Kata, which uses the natural energy surrounding the user to improve his attacks.

The power of sage mode is unique and is the ultimate weapon that Naruto can use against opponents. It allows Naruto to kick the Truth Seeking Ball and gain enhanced sensory abilities. It also enables him to detect the invisible shadows of Madara in Limbo.

Moreover, he is able to make use of his eighth tail of Bijuu, which allows him to partially materialize his body parts. So, when does Naruto learn Saga mode? Let’s take a look at some of the details!

Naruto learns sage mode in episode 154 of naruto shippuden titled “Decryption”.

Unlike Jiraiya, Naruto can use the Sage Mode to increase his strength, speed, and endurance. It was shown during the battle against Pain, where Naruto used it to break Rinnegan’s bond with Jiraiya.

Jiraiya has a slightly imperfect Sage Mode. He learned the skill from Minato Namikaze, who was described as a “once-in-a-generation prodigy.”

Once Naruto masters Sage Mode, he combines it with Tailed Beast and Six Paths Sage Modes, making him nearly unstoppable.

After the Nine-Tails’ cooperation, he synchronizes Sage Mode with the ten senjutsu he learned from Fukasaku. Using Sage Mode in battles is a powerful tool and Naruto uses it to save Leaf Village.

What is Sage Mode?

The Sage Mode is one of the rarest types of ninja powers. The First Hokage had Sage Mode. It’s believed that he learned the power in the final of the Three Sage Areas, the Shikkotsu Woods.

Sage Mode gives its user a black circle around the eye and a round marking on their forehead. The Sage Mode greatly increases their power and can only be learned by a few people.

Naruto’s Sage Mode

As Naruto’s Sage Mode skills develop, he begins using it in episode 154. Jiraiya’s death, as well as his own, forced him to learn the Sage Mode.

It seemed impossible for him to beat the legendary Jiraiya, so Fukasaku trained him in the Sage Arts for years, and taught him to fight Jiraiya and Naruto. Fukasaku is also very good at Frog Kumite, and he taught Jiraiya and Uzumaki.

Jiraiya Sage Mode

In addition to Jiraiya’s Sage Mode, Jugo is a test subject for Orochimaru. This clan has a secret code to gain Sage Mode power. While members of the clan can’t control their powers, they can gain access to the Sage Mode. This ability makes Jugo stronger and more agile. Therefore, Orochimaru is particularly interested in him.

Naruto has always been a fighter, and when he learned the Senjutsu from Mount Myoboku, he found energy more efficiently. With these new powers, he defeated Pain and returned to the Hidden Leaf Village with pride and honor for his sensei Jiraiya. He promised to protect the village.

Unlike Jiraiya, Naruto has not yet learned to master Sage Mode. However, he did learn to use Snake Sage Mode. This form of power comes from the Great White Snake, who infected trainees with Snake Sage chakra. Only a few survive to use this powerful form. Luckily, Naruto had the chance to learn this technique before the Great White Snake died.

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