when does luffy get his scar

You may have wondered: when does Luffy get his scar? This question looms over the entire series. The answer is actually quite simple: at some point during the Marineford War. That is, after Luffy battles with Ace, he will end up with a scar. The scar is a reminder of the battle that took place and a callback to the Ocean’s Dream filler arc.

When Does Luffy Get His Scar? Answer

Luffy, the main protagonist of One Piece manga anime get’s the scar at some point in Marineford War. Not only that, He also gets a scar on his eye by himself to represent his bond with Jinbei.

One of the most enduring scars on the character is that of the eye. The scar that adorns Luffy is a result of an incident when he stabbed himself with a dagger in the eye. Although this wound is later stitched, it is permanent and represents his bond with Jinbei.

As a result of this attack, Zoro accuses him of stealing Zoro’s memories. While Luffy is impish and opportunistic, he has learned to use his new abilities to survive.

Scars Of Luffy

Luffy has two scars on his body that makes him one of the best straw hat and pirate among others:

1) Scar On His Eye:

Luffy get’s his first scar when he joins Shanks crew. He had to stab his eye in order to show loyalty to shank and his crew when he was child, Later the wound get’s stitched but leave’s the mark behind that symbolize no fear to anyone.

How did fluffy get scar on his face

Another reason why Luffy has such a scar is because of his infamous battle with the Pirates of the Seven Seas. Luffy’s scar will serve as a famous victory and a reminder of the battle.

His scar will make enemies cower in fear as the scar becomes visible. In other words, his scar will be his biggest accessory. However, if he is not careful, his opponents will be afraid of him.

2) Scar On His Chest:

The second scar on Luffy is a large ‘x’ on his chest that he got from Zoro. This scar was given to him after a time skip. He resigned to die in the hands of Admiral Akainu, but he was protected by his friends Straw Hat and Knight of the Sea Jimbei.

When does Luffy get his scar

The two then carried his unconscious body away from Marineford. The enemy attacked him, causing everything in his path to burn.

Luffy’s scar symbolizes many things to the audience. Obviously, it is a physical reminder of his battle with the Akainu. It also serves as a constant reminder to pursue his dreams.

It is a symbol of strength, willpower, and determination, and it reminds Luffy that he can overcome any obstacle. So, if you’ve ever wondered how Luffy got his scar, the answer is “because it’s in the story!”

Shank Get Scar Even Before He met Luffy:

Another character that is important to the series’ plot is Shanks, another Grand Line member who got his facial scar from Blackbeard before he ever met Luffy.

Although many questions are still unanswered, One Piece has shown how important Shanks’ relationship with Blackbeard is. If the series has any more episodes, it could turn into a WrestleMania-level showdown.

The episode “Ace’s Convoy Begins” is an excellent example of when Luffy got his scar. The character was attempting to save his brother Ace when he was severely wounded. Despite the gruesome injury, it’s a constant reminder of this battle and the fight that followed.

Luffy’s scar reminds him of the battle, and his desire to become Pirate King. Aside from that, Luffy was also fighting the notorious Akainu, which killed his brother, so the battle was crucial.

As a character, Luffy is one of the most powerful and beloved in the One Piece series. His unbreakable spirit and strength make him one of the strongest heroes on TV today. The anime series is an entertaining and thought-provoking watch, and is perfect for fans of pirates and adventure stories. There is something for everyone in this series. If you’re a fan of anime or manga, you’ll want to check out One Piece.


The episode “When Does Luffy Get His Scar?” is another great episode of the series. The premise of this episode is that the character will get a scar on his eye to signify his sacrifice. After all, Luffy has sacrificed a lot of his life to save his brother, which makes it all the more meaningful. And of course, the story of One Piece isn’t over until the end.

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