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What episode does Mitsuki disappear? Mitsuki disappears in episode 71, titled “The hardest rock in the world.” Mitsuki’s disappearance is the ninth arc of Boruto: Naruto, The next generation.

Full Name Mitsuki
Team 7
Mitsuki Disappearance ArcEpisode 71-92
Debut Episode 4 in anime, Volume 73 in manga
Mitsuki Disappear details

Mitsuki is one of the main characters of the Boruto anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. The series follows the life adventures of Uzumaki Boruto, son of Uzumaki Naruto. Mitsuki is the child of Orochimaru.

What Episode Does Mitsuki Disappear?

Mitsuki disappears in episode 71 after the end of the Chocho arc, following versus Momoshiki arc. Mitsuki’s disappearance was a mystery for many fans, and if you are Naruto’s lover, you know how this obsession turns out.

Now Mitsuki disappears from the hidden Leaf of the village after the attack on the guards at the village gate. The people behind the disappearance were from the land of stone. This all happens in episode 71 of Boruto anime.

When Boruto finds out about the disappearance of his best friend/teammate, He decides to get him back. But it wasn’t possible without any clue.

In episode 72 titled “Mitsuki’s Will” of Boruto: the next generation, but finds out one of the snakes of Mitsuki. The snake speaks a message that “this is my will.” This message was enough for Boruto to start his mission to get back Mitsuki.

After a few episodes, Finally, in episode 79, titled “Reunion with Mitsuki,” Boruto and Sarada meet Mitsuki.

How did Mitsuki disappear?

As usual, Mitsuki goes to his room after leaving the academy, but when he gets in the room, he feels someone else’s presence in the room. After looking everywhere, he finds a letter on his bed.

Soon after Mitsuki reads the letter, some strangers attack the shinobi guarding the gate of Hidden leaf Village. After that, episode 71 ends.

What episode does Mitsuki Disappear?

In episode 72 of Boruto, Lord Seventh (Naruto) increases the security in the village; the victims in the attack were unconscious for the time being; Sai was monitoring the situation with the Leaf Police Force, While Shikamaru tries to analyze the situation.

But, After the guards woke up and Lord seventh questioned them, they found that Mitsuki had Left the village at his own Will.

When did Mitsuki Disappear?

Mitsuki disappears soon after the end of Versus Momoshiki arc, followed by the Chocho arc. What episode does Mitsuki disappear? It was episode number 71 when Mitsuki was seen last time in Leaf village. His absence continues till episode 92.

No doubt Mitsuki disappears at his own Will or whether he was deceiving them. The most important thing was that he held on to his sheer Will and kept going.

How long is the Mitsuki disappearance arc?

The ninth arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc. It includes episodes 71 through 92. It is preceded and followed by Chocho Arc and Parent and Child Day Arc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the article what episode does Mitshuki Disappears:

1. Is Mitsuki’s disappearance arc a filler?

While the anime covers a lot more than the manga and would normally be considered filler, it feels like it is telling the whole story. However, the Chocho arc is pure Naruto-style filler. It is not in the manga.

2. In which episode did Mitsuki come back?

More Accurately, it is episode no 92, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – A New Ordinary, when Mitsuki finally returns to Hidden Leaf village. However, in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 79 – Mitsuki reunites with Boruto, Sarada, and Boruto.

3. What happens in the Mitsuki disappearance arc?

Where’s Mitsuki? – Talking of the point: The main purpose of the “Mitsuki disappearance arc” was to help Mitsuki realize that he is an independent being and not a clone and Boruto to come to terms with who his friend is.

4. Why did Mitsuki go missing?

Fans noticed the conflict in Mitsuki’s mind earlier in an arc. But now, it is clear that Mitsuki has a troubled heart and mind. He “turned traitor” to leave Hidden Leaf Village because someone claimed to have the answers to his inner turmoil.

5. What happens to the Mitsuki disappearance arc?

Where’s Mitsuki? – Talking of the point: The main purpose of this “Mitsuki disappearance arc” was to help Mitsuki realize that he is an independent being and not a clone and Boruto to come to terms with who his friend is.

6. Is the Mitsuki Retrieval arc canon?

One episode is also a Mitsuki-focused episode. It focuses on Manga Canon and shows his origins. Arc 06 Episodes 566 The Chunin Exam/Momoshiki Arcs Manga Canon, and pretty much an expansion of the Boruto Movie. 30

7. Does Boruto get Mitsuki back?

Ino examines the minds of the attacker guards and discovers that Mitsuki, along with two Iwa Shinobi, attacked them. Naruto puts a lockdown in place until Mitsuki returns. Boruto, Sarada and Sarada decide to bring Mitsuki home by themselves.

8. Does Mitsuki return to the Leaf?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Mitsuki Disappearance began with a major mystery when Mitsuki mysteriously abandoned Hidden Leaf Village. When asked why he stated that he decided to do so; the latest episode solves the mystery of why he left the village.

9. In which episode did Mitsuki come?

However, despite Konohamaru’s conflict and the village’s outrage, Boruto & Sarada finally bring Mitsuki home and allow him to rejoin Team 7 and his Konoha family.


What Episode does Mitsuki Disappear? Mitsuki disappears in the episode number 71 titled as “The hardest rock In the world.”

Whereas the Mitsuki disappears from the anime completely in episode number 72 titled as “Mitsuki’s Will.”

Mitsuki disappearance arc starts from the start of of episode 71, following the chocho arc and ends at episode 92.

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