what episode does luffy fight katakuri

In what episode does Luffy fight Katakuri? If you are new to the anime series, you may be wondering how Luffy ascended to the top of the leaderboard. The answer lies in Luffy’s ability to endure heavy damage and his ninja skills. Katakuri is a 48-year-old and Luffy is just 19.

Despite this, both characters have been in tight battles, and both are used to taking a lot of damage. This explains why Luffy’s fight with Katakuri was so intense.

If the fight was in a traditional shounen formula, it would start with Luffy thinking about his “muh frenz” and then one-shotting Katakuri.

Luffy Fights Katakuri in which episode number, Find Out in the below paragraph:

What Episode Does Luffy Fight Katakuri?

Luffy Fights katakuri in episode number 852 of one piece anime titled as “A Hard Battle Starts – Luffy vs. Katakuri.” The episode was aired on September 1, 2018. One piece has always long fights between two devil fruit eaters, One is always Luffy while opponent can be any other devil fruit power bearer.

What episode does luffy fight katakuri? Youtube

Luffy vs Katakuri fight was in episode number 852nd of One piece anime, Whereas it was Chapter Number 879 (p. 15-17) and chapter 880 (p. 2-12) in One Piece Manga.

However, in the anime, Katakuri was not the first one to eat the Devil Fruit. He had to eat it as well, which means that he could morph into mochi. Luffy’s last fight with Katakuri came after his mom died.

In the episodes where Luffy fights Katakuri, he also battles Enel. In episode 182, Luffy made enemies with Enel on Skypiea. The two men were rivals, and Enel was a strong and cunning pirate. The two men were initially at loggerheads, but when Luffy saw Kaidou beat up his friends, his anger exploded. After defeating the pirate, Luffy was able to fight back and defeat him.

Impact Of Fight between Luffy and Katakuri On ONE PIECE Anime

The fight between Katakuri and Luffy is a major turning point in the anime series. Katakuri is the ultimate villain in this episode, and Luffy’s ninja skills helped him achieve victory over him. The episode also features a scene where Katakuri is shocked that Luffy has remained unscathed while losing to Katakuri. In the end, Luffy uses his Gear Four to defeat Katakuri, and then climbs out of the crater.

However, Katakuri has a weakness as well. He is not a saiyan, and his armament haki is inferior to his. The fact that Katakuri specialized in observation made him a great enemy.

Katakuri also has an impressive array of Haki, and he is capable of using all three. The Queen’s Block Mochi helped him defeat Katakuri at Whole Cake Island and ended Luffy’s unbeaten streak. However, this doesn’t mean that she is weak to Luffy.

How Long Did Katakuri Vs Luffy Battle Last?

Luffy’s fight with Katakuri is an epic battle that lasted between nine and twelve hours.

How Did Luffy Was Able To Defeat Katakuri? Luffy Vs Katakuri

Katakuri can see five seconds into the future, so Luffy matched Katakuri’s peak mentality in terms of physical strength. Moreover, Katakuri can eat donuts and recharge his Haki.

Katakuri can also see the future with the use of his devil fruit called Mochi-Mochi no Mi. Unlike Luffy, Katakuri is able to change into a mochi and control its movements.

While Luffy was fighting his brother Cracker, he also had to endure the pain, and the two men fought for a total of seven episodes. It is also worth mentioning that in the last episode, Luffy and Katakuri had a close battle. This is not a matchup between two identical characters, but an incredibly intense and memorable battle between two of the strongest men in the world.

Crocodile was also defeated in the battle, and despite his attacks, he did not die. He just had to fight harder. When Luffy confronted him, he was still in a position to use his powers, and the Crocodile reacted with his powerful attack.

However, the sandstorm had ended up in the death of Crocodile. During the next battle, Luffy managed to get back his arm, and the rain of Alabasta returned.

Despite his weakness, Luffy’s strength and stamina made him formidable enough to face the fierce pirate. The battle with Katakuri also allowed him to get more advanced in his fighting skills. Luffy also mastered advanced Haki, and was able to wound Kaido using Advanced Haki. With his superior strength and stamina, Luffy easily beats Katakuri in the fight at Whole Cake Island.

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