Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board Certificate

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What is Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board

Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) was established by an Act of the state legislature in the year 1975. It is an autonomous body responsible for the protection and conservation of the environment, natural resources, and wildlife of Rajasthan. The main objectives of the Board are to prevent pollution from occurring, reduce its impact on people and nature, minimize damage to natural resources and minimize health hazards resulting from pollution.

Each Division manages its own activities which include issuing licenses for various industries/businesses as per their respective rules and regulations; monitoring all factories/processes in these industries/businesses; inspecting factories/processes periodically to determine if they are complying with all requirements prescribed by law; providing technical assistance to small units or individual entrepreneurs who want to start a new industry or expand an existing one; providing training regarding pollution control technology and methods; research into polluting sources like solid waste disposal sites, etc.; conducting public awareness campaigns against pollution, etc.

What is the Role and Responsibility of the Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board?

The Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board was established under the Rajasthan Pollution Control (Amendment) Act, 2015. The Board has been vested with the powers and duties to enforce the provisions of the said Act, namely,

  1. Maintain and operate a centralized monitoring system for ambient air quality;
  2. Maintain an urban road map for assessment of ambient air quality;
  3. Issue guidelines to various agencies for prevention and control of pollution;
  4. Monitor and assess ambient air quality in all cities/towns;
  5. Develop plans to reduce polluting activities through planning legislation, and
  6. Formulate policies on water pollution control measures.

The Board is also empowered to regulate all types of industries including brick kilns, thermal power plants, cement plants, tanneries, etc., which emit pollutants into the atmosphere.

Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board Categories

  1. Red Category: These include Power generation plants, E-Waste Recyclers,Organic Chemicals, Tanneries, Thermal Power Plants, Pulp & Paper, Fiberglass production, Firecrackers, Isolated storage of hazardous chemicals, Automobile Manufacturing, and chemical industries. There are many industries under this category in Rajasthan.
  2. Orange Category: These include small-scale industries like Aluminium & copper extraction from scrap, Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine, Coal washeries, Dairy and dairy products(small scale), and Fertilizer (granulation/formulation/blending,  Food and food processing,  Hot mix plants,  Medium scale Hotels, Pharmaceutical formulation, etc. printing press units There are also many such industries in Rajasthan which fall under this category.
  3. White Category: These include carpentry and furniture making, repairing of electric motors /generators, Organic and inorganic nutrients, Engineering and fabrication units, Blending/packing of tea, etc. There are also many such industries in Rajasthan which fall under this category.

Documents required for Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board

Documents/Information required for Consent o Establish under Air Act 1981 and Water Act- 1974

  1. Applications for consent to establish in the prescribed format
  2. Fees for consent to establish
  3. Authority letter in favor. of applicants board resolution/power of attorney
  4. Affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper ofRs l0/- in prescribed format duly signed and notarized
  5. Land allotment/land conversion order for a project for intended land use and ownership document.
  6. Site plan location Plan showing distance from the road and nearest abadi
  7. Conceptual Building Plan/ Factory layout drawing locations of Plant and green belt
  8. Copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association/ Partnership deed (Except in Case of Proprietorship Firms)
  9. Copy of duly signed project report by the chartered accountant, certified by financial institutions

Documents/Information required for Consent to Operate.

  1. Applications for consent to operate 
  2. Authority letter in favor. of applicants board resolution/power of attorney
  3. Affidavit/ Understanding
  4. C.A. Certified Capital Investment in the project
  5. Analysis and monitoring reporting 
  6. NOC From abstraction of groundwater from Central Crouna Water authority
  7. Copy of environment clearance
  8. NOC of remittence of water cess

Setup to get NOC under Rajasthan Pollution Control Board

If you want to set up a company in Rajasthan then you need to register it with the pollution control board. If you are planning to do any business in Rajasthan then this step is very important.

To apply for NOC under the Rajasthan Pollution Control Board, you will have to submit a form along with the necessary documents. The application form can be downloaded from their website. You can also contact them for more details.

Once you have submitted your form online, you will receive a confirmation email from the board and they will send you a receipt of your application. Once this is done, After approval from the board, you can expect to receive a NOC within 1-4 months of submitting your application.

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