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Microblading Aftercare

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What is mircroblading Aftercare? If you’re thinking about microblading for yourself, you may be wondering what you should do in the days and weeks following the procedure. While it’s common to feel a bit of discomfort after the procedure, you should keep in mind that this is temporary and should not be a cause for alarm.

Tips For Microblading Aftercare

Here are a few tips to help you care for your new microbladed look. Before you begin your aftercare regimen, remember to ask your aesthetician about the aftercare recommended for microblading.

1. Wash The Area Twice A Day

After your procedure, you should start by washing the area twice a day with a gentle soap. Make sure to rinse thoroughly afterward and avoid pressure. Avoid harsh chemicals or excessive rinsing.

2. Limit Shower Time

You should also limit your showers to five minutes. Always limit your showers to five minutes and avoid excessively hot water. This will help you avoid irritation to the area and ensure the best results.

3. Avoid Contact with Treated Area

Lastly, it’s important to avoid picking or snagging at the treated area.

4. Medications

After your appointment, you should follow the instructions provided by the technician. If your procedure includes any creams or ointments, you should apply the recommended products as directed. It’s important to remember that water will loosen the pigment and can lighten your new brows.

To prevent this, make sure to wash your face gently with a mild soap and cool water. Afterwards, make sure to apply the recommended ointment to help form a protective barrier. Always consult a dermatologist before using any medicated products, as you could risk infection.

Some things to Avoid After Microblading

After your procedure, you should keep in mind the following tips that are necessary to avoid and are necessary for microblading aftercare:

1. Avoid sweating

Sweeting can damage or cause irritation to the treated area, that can lead to some minor aftereffects of microblading.

2. Excessive Alcohol

Try not to drink excessive alcohol for seven days after the treatment, as it has tremendous effect on your microblading procedure.

3. water

More water means more irritation so keep yourself away from water for just seven days

4. never use any products which are not recommended by your permanent makeup artist.

These products are not only recommended for microblading but can also help you avoid scarring. When you follow the instructions provided by your permanent makeup artist, your results should last for months or even a year. For optimal results, use products made for healing tattoos and microblading.

You Should Also Avoid

  • swimming,
  • saunas,
  • steam baths for the first seven days.
  • Avoid any facial scrubs or acids.
  • Avoid direct contact with water for at least four weeks.
  • You should also avoid touching your eyebrows.
  • After this time, it’s important to avoid sleeping on your side, as this can press on the area and lead to permanent scarring
  • Moreover, don’t wear makeup for seven days, as this will cause permanent pigment to fade.


Microblading is a procedure that requires touchup sessions after the first one. The first session lasts about an hour, and you’ll need a touchup appointment four weeks after the first. This second session will depend on how well your skin and eyebrows have healed, but it’s important to keep in mind that the results of your microblading will vary depending on your aftercare regimen. The following instructions should give you an idea of what to expect.

What happens after Microblading? Aftercare

After a microblading treatment, your eyebrows will look slightly discolored and scabbed for the first few days. However, this is completely normal. Your eyebrows should be treated normally.

After six weeks, you can use moisturizer or a moisturizer on them. In a month, you should notice the full color of your brows. Moreover, you should avoid picking or itching your eyebrows, as this can lead to premature scab removal.

You should also take care of your microblading eyebrows after the procedure to ensure you’ll look good for years. Your new brows will last up to two years with proper aftercare, but you should take precautions to prevent complications and ensure that your eyebrows look their best for years to come.

If you are considering getting microblading done, follow these simple steps. Then, you’ll be on the road to beautiful, natural-looking brows.

The day of the microblading procedure, your eyebrows may look heavy and uneven. This is normal and is part of the healing process.

You should avoid picking or touching the area as it can make the pigment come off more easily. In addition, you should avoid rubbing the area.

The pigment will gradually fade over the next day or so. If you are tempted to rub your brows, you can use lint-free tissue to clean them.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked question related to the article microblading aftercare:

1. How do you take care of your eyebrows after microblading?

After washing the microbladed area, apply the microblading aftercare cream ointment twice daily. Use your fingertips and a mild antibacterial soap like Cetaphil to gently clean your eyebrows for about 10-15 seconds each morning.

2. What happens if I get my eyebrows wet after microblading?

Getting your Eyebrows wet in the healing/scabbing process is not recommended. Water will remove the pigment from the skin and make it lighter and less permanent.

3. When can I wash my eyebrows after microblading?

When it comes to “When can my eyebrows be washed after microblading”, the short answer to that question is at least ten. However, it depends on how long your eyebrows naturally take to clean and heal.

4. Do and don’ts after microblading?

For at least one week, don’t wear any makeup. This is because pigments still settle into the superficial cuts caused by the blading. Do not pick at, tug or itchy the eyebrows. It would help if you avoided saunas, swimming and excessive sweating until your area has healed completely.

5. Should you moisturize after microblading?

The tattoo will remain bright and clear if moisturized regularly over the following months. In the first few months, protect the tattoo from the sun by covering it with clothing and then applying sunscreen once it has healed.

6. Can I put Vaseline on my eyebrows after microblading?

You should not apply any products to your treated area for ten days (except Vaseline temporarily). Makeup, moisturizers and ointments are all prohibited. Do not scrub the area during the first month. Allow any scabs to fall off naturally.

7. How does microblading look after 1 day?

Your eyebrows will appear full and bold the first day. Although the colour may appear very dark, it will eventually fade. Redness is what you’ll most likely feel.

8. Can I wash my eyebrows after 7 days of microblading?

During the first seven days following your procedure, do not allow any liquids, lotions, soaps, or makeup to touch your eyebrow area. It would help to wash your face around the treated area but not on the eyebrows. Keep your face out of the water source and take a warm bath.

9. When can I sleep on my side after microblading?

Do not sleep on your side or face for the first two weeks. It creates wrinkles and pushes out pigment. To prevent your hair from falling on your side, wear it in pigtails or an aeroplane neck pillow.

10. What helps microblading heal faster?

Wet Healing, A gentle, permanent makeup-approved cleanser will be used to clean your eyebrows each morning and night. You’ll then be instructed to use a suitable healing gel to prevent your skin from drying. PROS: There will be no scabbing, and your skin colour will heal more evenly.


Microblading Aftercare includes following the first 7 days following your procedure, do not allow any water, soap, shampoo, or makeup to touch your eyebrows.

Be careful not to get water on the area around your eyebrows. Keep your face out of the water source and take a warm bath.

Symptoms such as itching or flaking can occur within the first seven days after surgery. Avoid scratching and picking as this can cause scabs to fall off prematurely, causing scarring or patchy results. These symptoms can be quickly cured if you follow these aftercare instructions.

After four days, wash your hands thoroughly and apply the post-care cream to your skin with a cotton swab. You can apply the ointment twice daily, morning and night, but you should use it sparingly, as your skin needs to heal. Continue to use the ointment 7 days later.

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