You have likely heard that Magnesium is an essential nutrient and vitamin your body needs for optimum functionality. It improves muscle function, uplifts mood, promotes sleep, and good heart health.  

But are you aware that Magnesium is also beneficial for your body’s largest organ – The skin?  

Healthy skin comes easily to a few lucky folks, but for most getting their canvas clear is a struggle they have to undergo every day. So enters Magnesium cream, a newbie in the skincare world that treats various skin conditions while relaxing and hydrating skin.  

Let’s learn more about it.  

Magnesium and Its Importance  

It is an absorbent mineral that is highly important and abundant in the body. It is primarily stored in the body’s bones, while a small amount of Magnesium is also found in your soft tissues, including skin, muscles, and blood.  

It is crucial for human health and is responsible for over 600 different reactions in your body, from converting food into energy to bone metabolism and cardiac function.  

Before jumping on the benefits of Magnesium for the skin, let’s discuss how it improves your body’s overall health.  

  • Alleviates muscle cramps 
  • Reduces low mood  
  • Helps with PMS syndrome  
  • Lowers Blood pressure  
  • Prevents Migraine  

Magnesium also plays a crucial role in improving skin health. All skin types can tropically use it without a second thought, owing to its various benefits.  

Reduces Skin Inflammation  

Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties and works as an incredibly effective calming agent that soothes redness – which is why it is often used to treat blemishes and rosacea.  

Maintains Elasticity and Retains Moisture  

When you are deficient in Magnesium, the levels of fatty acids on your skin’s surface and collagen levels – which keep things bouncy and hydrated- decrease.  

Without these levels, your skin loses elasticity and moisture and makes the perfect environment for dryness and lack of tone, which in turn means wrinkles. 

Fights Off Free Radicals 

Without adequate levels of Magnesium, your skin is more prone to the free radicals that can damage skin and make it more prone to fine lines. This is because it is needed to produce glutathione, a key antioxidant fighting free radicals and threats they carry.  

Reduces Sun Damage  

Magnesium cream can be of enormous benefit to hyperpigmentation and sun damage. A small human study depicts that tropical therapy with Magnesium chloride affected the inflammatory reaction in the skin post UV radiation.  

Improves the skin’s overall look 

In some ways, Magnesium can enhance the appearance of your skin by regulating its sebum production.  

Sebum is an oily substance produced in the body’s sebaceous glands that mix with lipids (fat molecules) to form a protective coating on your skin’s surface. These lips also help in hydrating the skin and providing protection from harmful pathogens such as fungi and bacteria.  

Offers Pain Relief  

Some Magnesium creams also work as a natural pain reliever partly because of the mineral’s anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps muscles recover from overuse in sports injuries and helps through exercise fatigue. 

The Bottom Line  

When it comes to skincare, you double cleanse, exfoliate, and, let’s admit – chug down two litres of water daily and eat balanced leafy diets. But still, sometimes the results are not what you want.  

An unsung hero, Magnesium improves your skin’s health and glow by boosting collagen production and fighting off free radicals. Its anti-inflammatory properties also play a crucial role in preventing various skin conditions.  

So, it’s definitely worth giving Magnesium a try! 

Let’s talk about Magnesium in Skincare. 

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