Workwear is precious. It is what one wears regularly and needs to be cared for accordingly. This is especially true for those who work at construction sites that require long hours of laborious work. 

Their purchase can become a recurring expense if they aren’t maintained right, which is why those FXD work pants need more than just a good wash and the occasional dry cleaning. Further, these tips are far from difficult to implement! 

Read ahead to know how to best care for workwear. 

Wash the workwear regularly 

FXD workwear does not need to be sent out for professional cleaning. A home wash is ideal for preserving the fabric’s durability and protective characteristics. Simply following the washing directions on the label will not remove any chemical qualities incorporated in the yarn. Use the hottest wash cycle specified on the care label for longer days on the job. It is generally a warm option and not a boiling one.  

In addition, use the correct detergent. Detergent is usually the silent destroyer of clothing. Therefore, using the kind specified in the label can help increase the life of the workwear. 

However, dry cleaning is a viable choice if one is short on time. However, one should not do this frequently since it can remove the substances that make it suitable for use in harsher conditions. 

Let your work breathe between wears. 

All are tempted to let their FXD work pants go through the daily assault of harsh working conditions and collect debris and chemicals. It is true. It is convenient to simply put on the same pair one wore the previous day. After all, it saves time – something most don’t have much of. 

However, it is advisable to skip days between wears. It’s good to let the workwear breathe. This allows the fabric to maintain its shape longer and avoid unwanted tears due to abrasion.  

Moreover, washing these fabrics too often can cause them to wear out too. Allowing appropriate breaks between wears helps one avoid the ordeal of washing the same pair over and over and causing damage to the fabric. 

Always inspect for tears and damage. 

The trousers segment alone is a $110 billion industry worldwide, which indicates the massive options available at all times. Therefore, it is crucial to look for wear and tear on an individual’s workwear. While fixing up the damage on most apparel is possible, it’s not the case for FXD workwear. 

While one can fix most damage with a bit of sewing and tucking, it isn’t recommended for FXD workwear since it is used in rather challenging work sites. This is because it can catch on one’s skin or expose one to hazardous situations.  

Instead, consider retiring the pieces that have worn out and purchasing a new piece. There is a massive variety of them worldwide. Investing in a new pair after years of use is not a waste but a thing of virtue. 


Finding the perfect fit for clothing is often a hassle for most people. Hence, letting go of the ideal pair of FXD work pants can be a reason for some amount of distress. Nevertheless, following the specified wash instructions and caring for it right can eliminate the possibility of having to go on a hunt for another pair. 

Follow these tips, and you’re good to go! 

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