how much does a surfboard cost

How Much Does a Surfboard Cost? Buying a surfboard isn’t cheap – and you should consider renting one before you go surfing. Professionals and beginners recommend renting a “real” board, not a rental you can find at a tourist attraction.

Even Surfboard rentals are typically less than $20 an hour. If you’re travelling long distances, you’ll also need a roof rack to run you an additional $100 to $200. Some surfers even choose to ship their boards, saving half the price.

How Much Does A Surfboard Cost

The first thing to consider is your skill level. A beginner surfboard can cost as little as $100 or even less if you’re starting. However, if you’re a pro surfer, a $500 or higher surfboard is more appropriate. Make sure to choose a board that matches your skill level – if you’re a beginner, you won’t be enjoying the sport with a beginner board.


When it comes to the price of a surfboard, a few factors determine the price of each type.

1. Quality

The first thing you should look for is the quality of the board. New surfboards can cost around the same price as used ones, but you should be sure to buy the right board for your skill level.

Remember to check for any damage or cracks before you spend the money. Finally, don’t be afraid to look for used boards.

2. Cost

Your budget is the main concern here. If you can afford a good surfboard with custom models, way to go. However some people sell cheap surfboard in good condition to make money out of bad wood material. So be aware of such tragedy if happen with you.

1. Cost Of Used Surfbaord

If you’re looking for a used surfboard, the price you pay should be between $50 and $350. Prices will vary depending on the model, shaper, and condition. Remember, you don’t know what’s going on with the board until you pay, so it’s important to know that before you buy it. If you find any problems with it, don’t be afraid to tell the seller.

The type of material used in a surfboard will also influence the price. Good quality material will last longer than cheap boards, but they’ll cost more than a low-priced board. However, even the cheapest boards can be customized.

2. Cost of Custom Surfboard

A custom board can run you anywhere from $1000 to $1500. Buying a second-hand surfboard is an option, but check the condition beforehand.

3. Average Price of A Surfboard

How much does a Surfboard Cost? When buying a surfboard, the average price range is around $100 to $1200, depending on the model and material. However, prices vary wildly, and a beginner’s surfboard can be over a thousand dollars.

how much does a surfboard cost
How much does a surfbaord cost

It is best to avoid brands and manufacturers that charge a premium for surfboards, especially the first one. Instead, shop for a board that suits your skill level and budget.

The material of a surfboard can also determine its price. High-quality materials tend to be more expensive than low-quality boards.


How much does a surfbaord cost? A surfbaord is a board used for surfing on water, mainly they are used on beaches. Some people like surfing while some people like to collect surfbaord just for a collection. A surfbaord costs around $120-1200 depending on the quality and material of it the price may change.

Two Major Types Of Surfboard

There are two major types of surfboards: traditional and fibreglass.

1. Traditional Surfboards

Traditional surfboards are made of polyurethane foam, reinforced with a wooden stringer in the center to prevent splitting. The company, Clark Foam, closed in 2005, which supplied 80% of the polyurethane foam used in surfboards, is no longer in business.

2. Fibreglass Surfboard

A surfboard made up of polyurethane/polyester board or what we say commonly “Fibreglass.” Involves significant amount of hand shaping and In both the preparation of core and polyurethane base.

Final Verdict:

How much does a Surfbaord Cost? a Surfboard averagely cost between $120-$1200 depending on the quality of material and the brand of company manufacturing it. Some custom design surfboards are also available on many stores that are sold at very high price of $1000-$2000.

Whereas the used surfbaord are real cheap and should be bought if you lack enough money. As i myself bought a surfboard in $80 and customized it with $20 which has been cool. Used Surfboard are sold in range of $50-$350.

There are also rental surfboard on cheap only for rich people who can afford $20 per hour at beach.

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