how many levels in candy crush

How many levels in Candy Crush? You’ll never be able to play the game to its fullest potential without wanting to know the answer to this question. Isn’t it right? Candy Crush Saga currently holds 11735 levels in 783 episodes

Candy Crush is a popular puzzle game that rewards you with points for forming combinations of three or more candies. There are many different types of levels in this game, each of which requires you to move pieces around the board to make them disappear.

You’ll find a new level on each level, so you can always challenge yourself with more candy!

How Many levels In Candy’s Crush? Every Level you should Know

Candy Crush has hundreds of thousands of levels. The developer of this game is constantly adding new levels, usually around thirty, forty, and sixty each Wednesday. You can even participate in these updates by joining the King forums.

King takes feedback and ideas from players to improve the game. You’ll be happy to know that the game has hundreds of thousands of levels! This makes it even more fun! And, if you’re looking to beat the high score, you’ll have more chances than ever to do so.


The original version of Candy Crush had seven-hundred and forty-eight stages, and it will continue to add more each time it gets an update. There are several different versions of this game, each with a unique theme, and each one will have different levels to explore.

But what makes this game so addictive is its seemingly endless variety. There are even special challenges for the player to solve. The goal is to collect the most candy in a certain sequence to make the highest score possible.


How many Levels In Candy Crush? According to the official site of the game, there are currently 11,690 levels in the game. But, you can also get new levels every Wednesday.

Where to play Candy Crush?

Candy Crush Saga is available for Android, iOS, Amazon, and Facebook devices. There is a Windows 10 version, but it only has 121 levels. If you want to beat it, you’ll need to unlock all of its hidden levels. You can earn trophies by making new combinations, but you need to know where to find them.

how many levels in candy crush
How many levels in candy crush

If you’re looking to play Candy Crush Saga on your smartphone, you can find plenty of levels on the Google Play Store. The game was originally launched for Facebook, and has since been downloaded over a billion times.

The game is also available on Apple and Android smartphones, and continues to increase in popularity. With over two million five-star reviews on Google Play, it is one of the most popular apps around. You can download it on your phone and have fun for hours!

Tips To clear All Candy Crush levels?

Once you’ve mastered the basic strategy of matching three like-colored candies, it’s time to try new strategies. The best way to clear jellies is to collect as many wrapper candies as possible. In addition, removing more outer jellies will increase your score.

You should also aim to make as many wrapped candies as possible, as the more wrappers you get, the more points you’ll earn.

Those are only a few of the tricks that you can use to make it to the next level. The goal of level 97 is to score 100,000 focuses in twenty-five actions.

In addition, level 97 has the ability to drop bombs, so you have to be careful to avoid them! But remember: the more you play, the harder it will become!

Hardest Levels Of Candy Crush

There are 11060 levels in Candy Crush. There are also some special levels for kids. The difficulty levels will make you laugh and will keep you entertained.

The hardest levels of Candy Crush include level 147, which is one of the hardest levels in the game. You must get 125,000 points in 25 moves, and you need to bring down 2 cherries. You can also find very difficult levels in the game, such as level 181.

You can earn 20,000 points in twenty moves with these two levels. Another hard level is level 350, which requires you to clear all the jelly in 60 moves. There are many different types of jelly levels, and it can be a challenge if you don’t know which ones are the hardest to clear.

Final Verdict

How Many Levels in candy crush? There are currently 11735 levels in 783 episodes in Candy Crush Saga.

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