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Feugo Tekken 250 Price and Specification 2023

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Wondering to buy Fuego Tekken 250 and don’t know the specifications and prices? Yes, then don’t worry I will help you. Because in this article, I will tell you all about Fuego Tekken 250 in Pakistan.

I assure you after there are many questions in your mind regarding this bike and after reading the article you will get answers to your all your questions. So just grab your snacks and stay with us to the end.

Fuego Tekken 250:

The bike was launched by Fuego in 2020 and it goes to the series of Fuego Tekken 250 that produce bikes of multiple displacements. Fuego Tekken belongs to the category of off-road and the model that sells in the market was Fuego Tekken 250 in 2020. That’s the reason why this model is great to look at. We are talking about the motorbike generation that launched 2 years earlier.

 I am just going to give you an overview of the specification because we discussed these all in detail. The bike has an engine displacement of 223cc with a horsepower of 16.5 HP at 7000 RPM. There is a single cylinder in the bike with a 4-stroke. A great feature of the electric self-start kick is available in this bike. The bike has steel trusses type frame and the petrol capacity of the bike is 13L.

You can say that this bike has affordable prices for customers in Pakistan. Fuego target every audience of Pakistan and there is a great competitive advantage this bike company gives to the customer is that the bike has cheap maintenance and service cost. This is the reason why this bike is the most popular in Pakistan.

Let’s talk about the price of Fuego Tekken 250 and its specifications in detail.

Specification of Tekken 250:

Engine: The engine of the bike is 4-stroke

Displacement: 223cc

Frame: The frame of the bike is Steel Trusses.

Clutch: There is a wet-type clutch available in this bike.

Transmission: The bike has 6-speed transmission.

No of Cylinders: Single Cylinder

No of Gears: There are 6 gears in the bike

Dimensions: The dimensions are 2100*860*1180 mm

Fuel Average Mileage: The bike will give you a 35 Km/L Average

Fuel Tank Capacity: There is a 13L Fuel Tank capacity in this bike.

Top Speed: Fuego Tekken 250 will go at a maximum speed of 140 Km/h.

Starting: Self-start and kick start

Horsepower: The horsepower of the bike is 16.5 HP at 7000 RPM

Torque: The bike’s Torque is 17 Nm at 6000 RPM.

Compression ratio: 9.0:1

Cooling system: Air

Exhaust System: The bike has a Double exhaust steel muffler type

Ignition: CDI capacitor discharge ignition

Weight: The Dry weight of the bike is 134 KG

Wheels size: The wheels size is 17 inches

Ground Clearance: 260mm is the Ground Clearance.

Tires at the front: The front tires are from 110-110

Tires at back: The back tires are from 130-70

Fuego Tekken Colors 2023:

The bike is only available in two colors which are Red and Black.

Price of Tekken 250 in 2023 in Pakistan.

The price of Tekken 250 2023 is 425,000 Rupees in Pakistan. The model of this bike is also available as a used bike. So, it’s your choice you can either purchase this bike used or new. I will highly recommend you to not purchase this bike as used. It’s better to purchase a new bike because there are several defects in used bikes that are not shown and hidden.

How much weight this bike has?

Tekken 250 has an empty weight of 291 pounds.

In which year the first model of this bike is manufactured?

The first model of Tekken 250 is launched in 2020 in Pakistan

Who made Tekken 250?

Simba Auto’s motives make this bike.

What are the On Road and Ex-Showroom prices of Tekken 250 in Pakistan?

Both the On-Roads and Ex-showroom prices of Tekken 250 are the same. The price of both is 425,000 Rupees in Pakistan.

How much fuel capacity Fuego Tekken 250 has?

The bike has 13L Fuel Capacity.


The whole article consists of Fuego Tekken 250 prices and specifications in Pakistan. I hope that you like this article and that it helps you to get some knowledge about this bike.

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