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Dog Water Bottle Review

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Dog water bottle from is lightweight can carry 50 oz of water and is durable, resistant, and scratch resistant. Whereas, Asobu is one of the trusted and most reliable on the basis of its product and its formation.

If you are looking for a water bottle that is easy to carry and convenient for both you and your dog. Make a decision with us by buying from the best “Asobubottles”

About Asobu Bottle:

Asobu Bottle which started as a successful gifting corporate company is now an ingenuity of hydration. Its Ad and Art corporate days are now off.

Asobu bottles are quite famous for their manufacture of stainless steel bottles made of food grade stainless steel which are double walled with a copper lining to assure extra protection.

Their bottle assures us to maintain the temperature of the fluid for at least 12 hours to a complete day. Not only it’s functionally the best but also comes with a sleek design and proper packaging.

Dog Water Bottle from

Dog water bottles from Asobu are one of the finest and trending inventions of water bottles that help you maintain your hydration state and your dog.

The AsobuDog Bottle from is the perfect present for the dog lover on your list. The detachable dog bowl on the base of this innovative and fashionable water bottle makes it the ideal bottle for taking your dog for a walk.

The water will remain cold no matter how long you walk your dog because it is vacuum-insulated. So why delay? Present the AsobuDog Bottle right away!

The AsobuDog Bottle makes it simple to keep their dog hydrated while on the go, making it the ideal present for any dog lover. The bottle has a built-in bowl that lets dogs drink directly from it, and the leak-proof design means there are no spills or leaks to worry about.

You can use the built-in bowl to pour water for your dog to drink while you are traveling with your biggest friend without having to stop and look for a place to do so.

Dog Water Bottle What makes it So Interesting

Their Dog water bottle comes with the dimension of 5.25″ X 4.5″ X 9.5″. Weighing approximately 50 ounces which is very less when compared with the water capacity of 50 oz.

Not only that, the bottle has the ability to maintain the temperature of the water within. So you don’t have to worry about it later. The bottle is equipped with a silicone detachable bowl that makes it easier for the pet owner to keep their pet hydrated.

Black Dog Bowl Bottle Lite offers all the Asobu bottle features I enlisted above.


Dog water bottle on Asobubottles offers a wide variety of features that includes:

  • Regulate temperature for about 12 hours or a day
  • Offers large capacity
  • Offers a detachable silicone bowl that slips open at the base to make it easy for your pet dog to drink.
  • Made of Organic materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No Question return policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the article Dog water bottle

1. How much does a dog water bottle from cost?

On the Asobu bottles official site, you can buy the dog water bottle for $24.99 with free shipping to your home. The bottle can be ordered in different colors without any extra expense.

2. Why Dog water bottle

Because their products are organic, harmless, resistant to scratches from the dog, lightweight, comes in 7 different colors, and most importantly cheap.

4. How many colors of dog water bottles are on

There are approximately seven colors for a dog water bottle on Asobubottle, that includes, black, Burgandy, blue, white, pink, smoke and teal.

5. What do Asobubottles offer to overcome hygiene issues?

Using the ASOBU Dog Bowl Bottle Lite promotes hygiene and encourages your dog to not use unhealthy water sources.


Dog water bottles from are much-needed innovation, which makes them a perfect gift also among pet owners. The different colors make it look attractive and charming to bear.

The bottle cost approximately $25, with free shipment.

You can learn more about Dog water bottles at

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