Can You Put Solo Stove On Wood Deck

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Can you put solo stove on wood deck? Yes, you can put the solo stove on wood decks since most decks are treated as they are constructed from sturdy and durable stainless steel. Stainless Steel makes them our most sought-after fire pit accessories.

Can you put solo stove on wood deck

Solo Stove Stands were designed to cool the surfaces as the Solo Stove Fire Pit rages over. They’re durable and resistant to heat, 304 stainless steel, making them our most loved fire pit accessories. Each size is specifically designed to fit in the fire pits we have. They can be stored neatly inside.

Yes, you can use your stand to:

Can You Put a Solo Stove On A Wood Deck?

A single stove makes an ideal fire pit for your backyard. You can enjoy the excitement of a firepit without all the hassle of smoke all over. If you’ve got an outdoor deck, you might wonder whether you could use the stove as a solo unit for your deck.

You can use a single stove on a wood deck if you use the stand for your solo stove. The addition of a fireproof mat will add a layer of protection.

Please don’t use this stove by itself on wood decks without the stand since the heat may cause damage to the deck.


Can you put a solo stove on a wood deck? You can set up our fire pits on a wooden deck without danger when paired with the stand.

What’s a Solo Stove, and can you use it? Wood Deck

A stove for solo use shouldn’t be placed directly on the deck of a wood structure since this can result in damage over time. A solo stove requires a stand and an insulated fireproof mat beneath it. There are many advantages when using both, but they stand for solo use is a must.

can you put solo stove on wood deck
Can you put solo stove on wood deck

Solo stoves come with a stand you can place the fire pit on. The stand of the stove is constructed from stainless steel in 304 grade and comes with holes designed to release excess heat from your fire pit. The stand will absorb the stove’s heat instead of the wood deck. This prevents any damage from occurring by burn marks or damages to paint or stain.

You could also put an insulated fireproof mat that is heat resistant and the solo stove and the stand. If you’re a very prudent person, you could put four 12 cement pavers in your deck, utilize the stove on its own, and stand on the top. However, standing the stove is recommended because it is the most efficient method to be safe and prevent your deck from getting damaged.

Best Wood Stoves For Solo Stand Use

No matter the size of the Solo Stove fire pit, the manufacturer suggests burning hardwoods such as maple or oak. If you’re searching for indigenous Texas wood, Pecan is an alternative option. There are a variety of different species of hardwoods available in the region, including fruits, woods, ash, or Bois de arc.

How Far Should The Stove Be From My House?

The minimum distance that the stove of a solo is from the house is 6 feet. This is a sufficient amount of distance that will prevent fire from getting caught on anything and creating a fire in your home.

Solo stoves utilize open flames to heat up. However, these flames can lead to accidents quickly if you’re not cautious. Powerful winds catch the flames, and eventually, they can catch on flammable things such as an outdoor chair or lawn umbrella. It is recommended to keep the cooking area at least 6 feet from your home but not too far from any flammable object.

If a deck made of wood can be explosive, a stand and mat will do a decent job of keeping the flames from touching the deck. So long as the stove isn’t located near any other flammable object.

Can I Use a Solo Stove on Other Types of Decks?

It is possible to put the stove as a single unit on other decks, like hardwood decks or composite decks. It is necessary to follow the same precautions to protect yourself as wood decks. However, stoves are safe to use if you comply with these safety guidelines.

Although wooden decks are the most popular type of deck, composite and Trex decks are equally popular. While a stove on its own is also possible on these types of decks but similar safety measures should be followed. It is also possible to take extra steps to protect your family and friends and outdoor equipment.

1. Using a Solo Stove on a Composite Deck

The composite deck composed from composite composed of wood fibers as well as plastic film. The deck is safe for you to operate a solo stove on a deck made of composite, provided you have a stand and an insulated mat.

Two main items needed to operate a uni-stove safely on a deck made of composite are a stand for a solo stove and a fireproof mat. The solo stand can create enough air space between decking and stove, which will prevent any injury.

A fireproof mat placed beneath the stand will boost the amount of protection and shield the deck from radiant heat coming through the base of your stove. If you’re thinking of upgrading your deck with composite, here’s the top composite decking.

2. Using a Solo Stove on a Hardwood Deck

A deck of hardwood is made of ipe, cumaru, and garapa. It is also possible to use an individual stove for a wood deck. The decks made of hardwood are typically dense with a higher fire rating than most woods. Ipe is an A-Class Fire Rating and is the most robust decking material.

A wood deck can withstand more heat than a regular wood deck or even composites. If you have the Ipe deck, only a stove stand-alone is required.

3. Using A Wooden Deck

Untreated wood burns at 356 degrees F. Because most decks are treated using a sealant or stain and require to use of a Stand for burning the fire pit that you have set on your wood deck. If you plan to fire that lasts more than two hours or more and want to use pavers underneath your stand is the most effective option to ensure that your deck is gorgeous and safe. Stands can still raise the fire pit, allowing cooling air circulation underneath it, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable base and safer burn.

4. Using A Composite and PVC Decking

The composite decking options, including Trex, TimberTech, Azek, TIVA, Nexan, and Versadeck, are all manufactured with a fire-resistance rating ranging from A-C. Contact your manufacturer or builder to determine what kind of decking you.

You are using it before. To protect yourself, a stand is recommended whenever you burn on composite or PVC decking.

6. Using Green Grass

Green grass burns at 518 deg F. It is dependent on the wood’s hardness and the length of the fire. The fire pits made by Solo Stove may be able to scorch your grass. Stands must be placed near the fire pit while burning on green grass.

7. Using Sand

If you are taking your fire pit to the beach, you’re usually allowed to use the fire pit with no stand. If you don’t clear an even surface over the Sand, it could block the vent holes in the lower part that the fire pit has. We suggest using a stand when placing your fire pit with Sand to ensure sufficient space for the smaller vents.

The stand is not required to:

Concrete or Pavement

Concrete won’t degrade until exposed to temperatures of more than 1,000 degrees F. When exposed to the normal temperature of usage (3-4 hours), Solo Stove Fire Pits won’t get hot enough to cause concrete to break down. But, if you’re burning your fire pit on stained, painted, or stamped concrete, it is recommended to make use of a stand to make sure there is no damage caused to the finish of the concrete.

Stone, Pavers, or Gravel

The same principle applies to grassy surfaces. Get an edging if you’re concerned about burning grass growing between the stones. Indeed, Solo Stove fire pits are usually safe to burn on pavers, stones, or gravel.


Before starting the fire on dirt, remove dry materials like dry leaves or sticks under your fire pit. Dirt does not risk burning and is safe to set your fire pit on.

If you’re still uncertain, then we suggest using the stand. The stand will ensure that you can set up your fire pit anywhere without worrying about causing harm to the ground below. When you’re ready for the fire pit, set it on a level surface, and put the fire pit into the middle. Start using your fire pit like you normally would and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the article can you put solo stove on a wood deck:

1. Does a stand help to improve airflow?

Although the stand has holes similar to those on the fire pit’s bottom, they do not allow for the flow of air inside the pit. The holes in the stand are made to allow heat to be radiated from the bottom of the fire pit.

2. What is their composition?

Solo stove stand composition is 304 Stainless Steel. The same material is used in the ones we use for our Fire Pit.

3. Where should I put it?

Can you put solo stove on a wood deck? Maybe the best question but some question like where should I put it takes the floor. The Answer is: The stand can be easily tucked away in the fire pit.

4. What if I wanted to take the Fire Pit outside?

You can just go and Check out the Solo Stove Shelter. It is a shelter that wards off snow and rain and allows the firepit to remain exactly as you would like it all year.

5. Can I use a Solo Stove fire pit on my wood deck?

Our fire pits are made to produce a stunning flame. The outside that our pits are will get extremely hot when they are being used. If your heating surfaces are sensitive to heat, like wood or composite decking, we suggest using a stand with our fire pits to shield the surface below.

6. What kind of firewood would you recommend?

Any firewood logs are ok, but we suggest dry hardwoods for our fire pits for the most beautiful flame. Like the hickory, maple, birch, and oak, hardwoods last longer and are cleaner than softwoods.

7. Can I store a Solo Stove fire pit outside?

Solo Stove fire pits can be stored outdoors with adequate weather protection. Look into Solo Stove Shelter, an outdoor weather cover specifically designed to be used with the Solo Stove fire pit. In any case, our products should be kept in a dry, cool place. Exposure to extreme conditions can cause discolouration and rust.

8. How do I clean a Solo Stove fire pit or Camp pit?

Once the fire pit has cooled, turn it upside-down to remove any remaining ash. It is also possible to employ an industrial vacuum. If you wish to clean the exterior surrounding the fire pit, employ a dry cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner such as the Bar Keepers Friend.

9. Can I use wood pellets in a Solo Stove fire pit?

We don’t recommend using wood pellets inside the Solo Stove fire pit as they could fall over the bottom grate and become stuck within. If the wood pellets become wet or come into contact with moisture, they may expand, which can cause harm to the appliance.

10. Can I use a Solo Stove fire pit in an existing stone pit?

Definitely! But, we suggest leaving an area of 4 to 6 inches of space around the unit to allow adequate ventilation.


Can you put solo stove on wood deck? Yes you can put solo stove on a wood deck using a solo stand that can easily tuck in the fire pit.

The solo stove makes an excellent fire pit that is smoke-free. However, it should only be used with their stand-alone stand mounted on a wood deck. We own our Yukon model and have used it on our stained pressure-treated deck at all times with no issues. We actually purchased the Yukon package that came with the stand and shield to minimize sparks and heat on our deck.

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