Bit Jacobs laid out TREE MASTERS with three very clear guidelines; Honesty, Integrity, and Craftsmanship, and following thirty years in business those norms continue to be our commitment to our clients. 

At TREE MASTERS we show pride in giving the best tree care to our regarded clients. Reliably we intend to stay aware of our obligations to serve our clients and defend the environment. Extraordinary client support begins things out and heads from our dedicated staff. We give the unmatched quality tree care experience TREE MASTERS has been generally famous for. 

Man Watching over the Tall Tree: 

Since our beginning in 1987, has had the pleasure of changing more than 30,000 clients around the sound district. 

TREE MASTERS offers a total grouping of fantastic tree care organizations. We need to serve our clients with Honesty, Integrity, and Craftsmanship while staying aware of our commitment to protecting the environment. Our gathering of committed specialists will follow through with your job quickly and capably and leave your property unblemished and free from the trash. 

TREE MASTERS was the chief GREEN CERTIFIED tree organization in Marin County. Because of our commitment to the environment, uses a biodegradable soy setup balm concerning our managing devices. Mercifully snap on the associations under to see a point-by-point portrayal of all of our organizations and the reactions to a critical number of your Frequently Asked Questions. 


The main stage in giving authentic thought to your trees is looking over the specific necessities of all of your solitary trees and brambles. Each tree could require its unique treatment, like unmistakable people requiring unequivocal thought for their uncommon prosperity needs. We will make examinations for Pruning and Removal needs, Cabling and Bracing, Root and Soil Analysis, Soil Nutrient Management, and Pest and Disease Control. 

To give you the best assistance, one of our Arborists will survey the trees on your property and help you in choosing the best methodology for each tree. With numerous long stretches of tree care knowledge between them, our arborists grasp the wonderful necessities of trees in Northern California and the numerous conditions that could impact the trees on your property. Your Arborist can walk your property with you to inspect the prerequisites of your trees and how to keep them sound, strong and superb. 

For a more start-to-finish assessment of your trees’ robustness, TREE MASTERS offers assistance from a Certified Arborist and the latest subtle strategies to study the strength of our trees and the soil they are laid out in. We use a machine called a Resistograph to inspect your trees for pockets of internal rot or decay. The Resistograph works by drilling a little opening through the capacity compartment of the tree while simultaneously assessing how much impediment the drill gets while going through within heartwood. Exactly when the drill encounters a pocket of decay, it gauges close to zero resistance, letting the director know where and how gigantic the internal distortion is. 

The check is enlisted on a graphical printout from the most elevated mark of the machine and will send the information from a distance to a PC examination. Your arborist will then use this information to help with choosing the overall sufficiency of the tree. 

To check the sufficiency of your soil, your arborist could use a flexible pH meter, a gadget used to measure the overall sharpness or alkalinity of your soil, in a couple of spots around your property. At the point when we have researched your soil’s pH, we could propose a more escalated soil assessment or other soil the chiefs pick. 

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