5 Best Tips to Grow Beard Fast

Good facial hair is something every man dreams of. However, all men don’t enjoy this perk effortlessly. While some men have naturally thick beards, there are many others who struggle to grow a beard. 

Patchy beard is a common problem in men and they often struggle to grow it thick and heavy. When it comes to growing a beard, people are more likely to try medicated products than home remedies. While many of these remain effective, be mindful that not every remedy should be for everyone. 

I remember one of my cousins ordered a beard growth oil online but ultimately ended up with darkened skin and a serious kind of allergy reaction. We took him to the best skin specialist who treated him. Later the doctor said that some of the ingredients in the oil reacted with the ingredients in a facial cream he was already using resulting in the reaction. 

Tips to Grow Beard Fast

Putting the products aside, it is important to know that you can faster your beard growth by using natural remedies. Want to know more about the natural remedies that can help you grow a beard really fast? Here are some of the naturally proven remedies that can promote your beard growth.

1- Regular Exfoliation

We all know exfoliation is an integral part of routine skin care. But we often think that this is not for the men’s skin. 

But this routine skin care is a must if you want to grow your beard fast. Exfoliation is particularly important here. Regular exfoliation can help with the removal of dust and dirt particles from your face alongside sebum/. This also helps to stimulate facial hair growth. You can choose different types of exfoliants depending on your preference. These exfoliants range from chemical ones to physical ones and you can easily select the best for your skin. 

2- Consume a Healthy Diet

You may be a junk food lover but do you know that eating healthy foods can go a long way? This is not only related to keeping your body weight in check and protecting your overall health. But this is also required for growing a healthy beard. 

Yes, the foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that you need to promote the hair growth on your face. Try to add more and more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet to keep your nutrients in check. Protein also plays an important role as a healthy diet component.

3- Wash and Moisturize

Keeping your skin or scalp is important when we talk about hair growth. 

You need to keep your face clean not only because it prevents the breakout of acne but also because it promotes the growth of facial hair.

Other than washing, moisturizing your skin is also important. You can use important natural oils and massage these gently on your face. These facial massages can stimulate beard growth by promoting blood circulation in the area. However, don’t use too much of these facial oils as oily skin, especially in summers can result in an acne breakout. 

4- Quit Smoking

Smoking is not only harmful to your lungs but poses harmful effects on your hair growth. 

No matter whether you want to grow this hair on your head or beard, quitting smoking can do the job right. 

There are many scientific studies that support the fact that smoking can result in blood vessel damage as well as follicular damage that affects hair growth. Whether you do it on your own or else you can seek out help from an addiction specialist. 

5- Microneedling

When we talk about the procedures that can promote hair growth, micro-needling has its role. Just as the name indicates, the insertion of small needles on the skin or scalp surface results in the stimulation of hair growth.

The technique of micro-needling is also effective for your beard growth. Also, it promotes the blood flow on the skin or scalp surface. So, yes micro-needling can be a great he;p when you are struggling with hair growth either on your head or beard. However, while going for micro-needling make sure to consult the right physician to get the procedure done right and minimize the side effects.

Bottom Line!

Beard growth is one of the most common challenges people go through. While there are many things that can help you, minor lifestyle changes can play a bigger role. From choosing the right kind of diet to quitting smoking and maintaining good sleep hygiene all of these can help you. However, be mindful that you need to be patient while waiting for your beard to grow naturally. 

Also, keep an eye on your beard growth pattern and get it shaped more often. All of these tips can collectively help you to achieve your dream beard without using cleverly marketed products. 

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