Is your organisation serious about its tool organisation? If you peer inside a Formula 1 racing team’s garage, for instance, you’ll find the fastest motor mechanics in the world sliding open the impeccably prepared drawers of their highest-quality tool chests to retrieve the super-tools that win world championships.

That’s because most technology and tool-centric industries, organisations and businesses put tool organisations in prime positions on their critical to-do lists.

Why exactly is superior tool organisation a must for the most efficient workshops in the world?:

  • Fast, east tool-finding
  • Safe, easy, convenient, ergonomic tool retrieval
  • Guaranteed tool protection & security
  • Easy to move, easy to transport solutions
  • One-time bespoke investments for the long-term.

However, there’s more than one way to skin a cat – because many organisations use tool boxes, bags, pegboards, containers, wall racks, open shelving, hooks, and custom cabinets are many, many other options for their tool storage and organisation. So why should you be giving a tool chest a second look?

1: Lockable, lifetime storage … anywhere

Whether your expensive and hard-to-replace tools are on the go or not, it’s good to know that once you turn the key, they’re locked up safe and sound and more than capable of taking a serious knock whilst serving you well for a lifetime. You’ll find a tool chest with the heavy-duty construction and locking mechanism that works best for you.

2. Endless styles, materials & designs

The modern tool chest is contemporary, robust and stylish – but that doesn’t even start to touch the variety in the latest product range. Choose the material, finish, layout, storage capacity and design style that works best for your needs and your eyes.

3. No more cramped clutter

It’s astonishing that professional workshops invest in tool storage solutions and still end up with a cramped, cluttered mess locked in awkward-to-use configurations. But when you choose that tool chest correctly, the tool you need in a hurry will have breathing room to wait in style for action and stand out from its peers as you grab it. Tool chests are designed specifically to make tool organisation easy for as many tool categories as you can fit inside it, and are usually specially conceived to house specific tool types including hand-tools, accessories, power tools, fasteners, blades etcetera.

4. Stationary or mobile

The Formula 1 racing team is the perfect example of an entity that almost couldn’t function without the right set of tool chests – for one simple reason. Whether it’s rolled into the workshop at Team HQ, on the way to a faraway location in the back of a plane or a truck, or neatly presented in an impeccable garage, it’s a perfect example of a product designed to be in its ideal state whether on the move or static.

So what sort of tool chest does your organisation require? You’ll need to consider:

• Your budget
• Your required storage capacity
• Number/layout of drawers and other layout considerations
• Your required durability/quality level
• Locking/security mechanisms/measures.

The right tool chests can transform the look, efficiency and morale of any workshop, but we understand that choosing from the huge modern product range can feel overwhelming. If you need a little expert guidance, get in touch with our tool organisation industry specialists and we’d be happy to help!

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