3 Ways Crypto BFFs Build Community

3 Ways Crypto BFFs Build Community, The crypto world can seem daunting to navigate and confusing to participate in for new investors unfamiliar with this digital marketplace. Today, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies you can choose from for investment, but not all crypto tokens are created equally. Each new cryptocurrency is designed with specific benefits and rules that incentivize investors to buy and trade that token. One of the perks of the new FTX Token is the possibility for any coin holder to become a crypto BFF and join a large community of crypto enthusiasts. Here are a few benefits of investing in a cryptocurrency with a strong community surrounding it and why you should become a crypto BFF.

Giving a Human Face to Crypto

FTX has become one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world, offering derivatives, leveraged coins, ample liquidity from its partner company Alameda Research, and much more. Traders can access the crypto market and the NFT marketplace through the FTX platform. Users can trade the major tokens and the new FTX Token, FTT, which is the backbone of the FTX ecosystem. By becoming a crypto BFF, you are helping to put a human face to the crypto world to help educate and encourage others interested in crypto. The FTX team wants to give their investors access to a community where they can interact with other traders in the space and create new ideas for FTT. Being a part of a digital crypto community can offer you insight into new investment opportunities and teach you a lot about the trade and how you can earn more from your investments.

Sharing Ideas

A strong and active community is at the heart of the FTT culture and values. The FTX team encourages crypto BFFs to actively participate in events and meet-ups to share their ideas and learn from others. Crypto BFFs can even host their own events such as crypto Q&As, webinars, and more. At FTT events, crypto BFFs are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions about the token’s future and the FTT environment’s current state. Gathering input from coin holders is essential for building a sustainable token that benefits the investors. As a crypto BFF, your ideas can be heard and impact the crypto world.  

Exclusive Benefits

Along with these community benefits from becoming a crypto BFF, you also get the advantages that automatically come with being an investor and holder of FTT. FTT was designed with many perks for its investors and those actively participating in the FTX environment. The token has a built-in burn mechanism that helps fight against inflation and protect the user’s interests. FTT can also be used as collateral for futures positions, adding further utility to this token. FTT holders will also receive random airdrops of SRM tokens which can be used through the new Serum DEX that FTX is developing. Further, because the FTT token is the backbone of the FTX environment, all traders holding and exchanging FTT will receive fee discounts through the exchange. Not only do you get the advantages of all of these token rules, but you will also get access to the FTX exchange, where you can efficiently conduct your trades and purchases or even stake your investment to generate rewards in the long term.

There are many advantages of investing in the new FTX Token and becoming a crypto BFF. Joining an active crypto community can help you learn more, make smart investment decisions, and offer you access to unique opportunities, resources, and experts in the industry.


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